Walking down time

It's about a girl who is trapped. To get out she must decide which of the scenes given is either REALITY or FANASTY. If she takes the wrong choice she might end up in the wrong hands.


2. Thoughts

I felt relieved that my head plunged back from my thoughts. I looked at everyone : the ladies chucking in the chillies into the frying pan turning instantly sizzling away and clattering; the men outside in the garden getting the table out for a party; the boys playing Wii on the TV ; the toddlers running around was hectic. I was sitting on the usual comfy brown couch which felt unusually queasy while I was confused.

This chaos felt strangely uncomforting now. I am no longer a high school girl. I remember the time I thought I was fat. The next day I asked my mum to give me to give me fried kidney beans for lunch at school since it was it full of proteins and carbohydrates.

“Are you serious?” my friends asked me with a strange look. Since they’ve known me as a sweet tooth. I always bring something chocolaty for lunch everyday. It actually tasted nice!

Mollie says, ”You don’t need one you look fine.”

“Yeah man, I can see your bones plus my wrist is twice the size as yours.” firmed Emma.

“Or else you’d become an anorexic.” adds Patricia nervously.

“Guys! No need to stress on me. I am just going to replace my food with fruit and vegetables. It’s not like I am not going to stop eating otherwise I’ll STARVE! Duh! ”

“Don’t you dare think I am dumb!” I expressed to them not needing any of their help.

“Well I can train you since I am a professional you know.” suggested Emma.


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