Walking down time

It's about a girl who is trapped. To get out she must decide which of the scenes given is either REALITY or FANASTY. If she takes the wrong choice she might end up in the wrong hands.


3. Going back

Back at life in the present...

I sit up straight and stand up.

"Can I go for a walk by myself?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure." Dad replied.

I put my buttercream wool crop hat with sparkling stripes sewn across it and wore it on at an angle, I put my smart navy jacket on. Put my keys in  my pockets, tenderly put my lovely gorgeous boots on and tied my big soft scarf around myself nice and snug. I opened the door with a happy sighed slowly.

" Bye" I shouted and the shut the door with a clutter. Oops ... I stepped out and turned around looking at the white door how did I get here. I walked down the stairs and closed the gate right in front of me is a school's behind with black fences and giant green fresh grassy field. Reminds me of my sweetest dreams. In the countryside I would run for miles and miles on endless fields and my dress my dress would fly up ;show my knickers but I didn't care a thing about that. The other one was where I would cycle around the village racing against one of the hardest natures competitors- wind. Both of them just feel like freedom. Your right to have a choice. The breeze running through your hair. Just seems sooo ... you know -calm and peaceful. I stopped staring at it so the people wouldn't think I am weird. I walked down hill and crossed the road to the left. Straight in front of me was the park on a late winters morning. It was very quiet. I strolled around while the birds were twittering away. I was walking on when I halted to a stop and turned around. The pigeons sat under the towering willow tree eating bread. The leaves have a enchanting, peculiar shape and design. The near by lake shone and rippled gracefully when you chuck the stone across. With the cold white fog around us made it a nice scenery border. It felt like it was too beautiful to paint. I took a picture on my phone to see if I can paint it when I am free. I looked at myself in the lake which reflected an image of how I looked like not now, But during my childhood. Just reminded me when I went to the bus stop, my father put bread around the tree and a flock of pigeons came and ate. It felt enchanting. When the little boy scared the pigeons, I felt upset and talked about it to my dad at the bus stop. He said the birds would fly back. My heart sank down to the depts of the sea symphizing for the little boy how he would have felt that I blamed on him scaring the little birds away. I wasn't able to stop feeling for the little boy.

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