summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


7. You're not welcome here

Lucy's POV: 

It's nearly Halloween! Yep you heard me right... It's nearly the end of October already! School's not been great as I found out zayn's friends go to the same school as me... awks! I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice Casey and Maisie walk in until they basically jumped on me on the sofa. It was then that I noticed their ridiculous outfits! batman and a dead school girl! This week is 'pep' week.. todays event... Halloween costumes! I'm a devil... a sexy one to be exact! I'm wearing a shortish red cocktail dress, red devil horns, and red heels, my hairs curled slightly and I have bright red lipstick on! It's fair to say I look hot! Not long after Skye arrives dressed as wonder woman and slightly after Austin arrives as a vampire! 


As soon as we walk in the school gates you can tell everyone feels ridiculous! But everyone is dresses up.. it ranges from zombies, to clowns, to superheroes! It's sorta hysterical. We walk towards the main entrance and I can feel everyone's eyes on me. It's horrible. "Casey help everyone's looking at us" I whisper. "No hun everyone's looking at you!" My jaw literally drops to the floor. I knew I looked fairly hot today but i didn't realize I was the hot! We walk to tutor to register and as we walk down the corridors I can hear that everyone's talking about me. I can't hear what they're saying, I can just hear my name getting mentioned. I walk faster to tutor just so I can get away from everything. I'm not one to be fond of popularity so I tend to just stay out the lime light! I'm normally invisible. As soon as I walk into my tutor room with Austin everyone went freakishly quiet. "You do realize I know you were talking about me. You couldn't have made it anymore obvious." I state as soon as I've sat down in my usual seat at the back of the classroom. Now I'm definitely starting to feel self conscious. "Austin can I sit in your spot please? Just for today?" I quietly ask Austin, giving him my best puppy dog eyes. "Of course! You look really awkward" He says before standing up and sitting back down in my spot. I sink back into my seat and wait for the morning to be over. 


Lunch time:

By now I thought everyone would have moved on, but noo I was still the gossip of the day. Like seriously, just because a nobody can look sexy doesn't mean you have to make her the news of the day. Not everybody enjoys the attention. I am currently sat with 'the gang' at our usual table in the canteen, chatting about what we're planning on doing next summer. Yep we're that sad we plan ahead! "might spend the summer surfing or..." That's not normal. Austin never forgets what he's going to say! Everyone's staring at my head and I can feel Casey tense up next to me. That just gives everything away. And Skye drooling doesn't help either! I slowly turn around to face the brown eyes I hate looking in nowadays. "If you don't mind I'm trying to have a simple lunch with my mates so please.. how do I put this politely... Fuck Off!!" I give him devil eyes before showing him my middles finger and turning back around. "I believe she asked you to leave." Casey states through clenched teeth. I kiss his cheek to see if he'll relax and thankfully he does. I slowly get up and turn around to face the problem. "I told you to go away." I say before bitch slapping Zayn. He deserves it really.

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