summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


4. Unwanted meeting

I slowly turned round to be met by the brown eyes i'd been dreading to look into again! Shit it was him.. what do i say? do i bring up him not talking to me for 2 years? Well the best thing i could think of is... RUUUN! So i ran and ran and ran... i knew he was getting closer as i'm short but with the adrenaline rushing through my body it was helping me run faster. "Stop please! You know i'm going to catch you so stop!" he doesn't even sound out of breath wow! i know he's going to catch me but oh well! I carry on running until i get to the local park! I give up running and collapse onto a bench that's close by. "Thank god you stopped!" 

"What are you doing here?" i know it's rude and blunt but i don't care at the moment! He ignored me for two years and he comes back and doesn't even tell me! Such a best friend he is! "I moved here. Bradford wasn't the same and I wasn't coping well, but that story is for another day! How are you?" I stand up and slap him before walking away, hoping he didn't see the tears in my eyes. The last thing i needed to do was break down in tears in front of him. I couldn't let him know I was weak.


Zayn's POV:


It's about time she stopped running, I was just getting tired aha! "Thank god you stopped!" I said as I stopped in front of her on the bench. "what are you doing here?" Well... My life wasn't the same when you left, a lot of bad things happened and that's why i didn't text.. No i can't tell her that! Not now anyway. "I moved here. Bradford wasn't the same and I wasn't coping well, but that story is for another day! How are you?" That's when she just slapped me! I could see the tears in her eyes and I know it's my fault for not contacting her but I wanted it to be a surprise. I didn't think she would react like this. If only I could tell her about what's happened in my life! I slowly make my way back to Nandos to meet up with the rest of the guys. I'm only there because Niall wanted to go. I knew it would turn out bad. 


I make my way back to Nandos knowing how much of a prick I am. "Hey bro, how did it go? She glad to see you?" I don't reply to Louis, I just sit down at my spot and look at the menu, even though I already know what I'm having. I tell the waitress, who's trying to look attractive but failing, what i want and turn to the boys when she leaves. "Why you so unhappy? Surely she was happy to see you," Liam says to me. "Well she slapped me and was almost in tears. So would you be happy you got slapped and made a girl cry?!?!" and with that i get up and leave Nandos. I run back to our house, which the five of us are sharing and curl up in bed! I cry myself to sleep and get lost in my dreams. Hopefully tomorrow would be better! 


AN: Sorry it's short and I'm soooo sorry for the spelling mistakes in the last few chapters! Anyway please try and get your friends to read this<3 

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