summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


18. Toronto!!



"Do you mind coming sound check with us?" Niall asks as he steps into my room. "No of course not! I love it! It's like my own little private gig," I say from where I'm sat, on the floor infront of the mirror in my room straightening my hair. Niall walks over to me and drops a piece of paper in my lap, "You gave me this before we left," He says awkwardly before leaving my room, "Oh yeah we leave in at 11," He says before closing my door. I sit there awkwardly staring at the piece of paper in my lap. I quickly remember what it is and place it under my pillow. I'll look at it tonight, when no one's around. I take a look at my phone and see that It's quarter to 11... crap! I have to get ready in 15 minutes. I quickly jump up, turn my straighteners off. "Louiiisssssssssss!!!!!!!!" I shout, as soon as I shout I hear a knock on my door. "come in," I answer. "You called?" aww he's so polite. "Oh yeah.. are we coming back after sound check?" i ask, as I have no idea what to wear. "No, but you can take clothes to change into if you want! i'm sure one of us will let you change in our room," Louis says, slightly perverted. I say thank you and then run to my suitcase. I look through it and pick out a cream rose coloured short dress, with embroidery on the middle, for the after party the guys normally have on the evening ( ) and then find some matching heels. Then pick out some blue denim shorts and a paint splattered vest and match this with my white vans. I put on some makeup, just the basic and put it in a bag with my dress and shoes. I pin back my bangs and then add a few curls to the rest of my hair. I look at my phone and see it's 11. Crap!! I run to the kitchen and see all the boys there waiting for me. "Sorry!!" they shake their heads and walk to the door.


Twenty minutes later and we arrive at the stadium they're performing at. As soon as we're out the limo we're taking to a room backstage and told about the plan for tonight. Each night is different and special. After that's finished the boys are taken to the stage so I find a seat near the back of the stadium and sit and play temple run 2. i suck at it so I find it a challenge. It's a good way to pass the time though. While I'm playing I sit and nod my head to the beat of the music. I love their music at times, it can make you happy when you're in a bad mood. "Earth to Lucy!" i hear through the speakers. I flinch and turn my head to face the guys. They're all looking at me. I run down the stairs and towards the stage. I skid to a stop and face the guys. "You called?" I ask smiling. "Yeah we wanted to know what you think," Niall says. "Well you guys sucked!" I say sarcastically. They laugh before heading back stage. I follow them and sink into one of the sofa's in there room. "Don't get too comfy show starts in an hour," I hear Harry say from behind me. I reply to him with a grunt. "Very ladylike Lucy," I sit up and look at him. "Who says i'm a lady? i could be a spy in disguise!" I say rolling my eyes. "Well whoever your are you need to get ready!! Now you can either get ready infront of all of us or you can pop to the FEMALE toilets down the corridor. I weigh my options up for a few minutes and grab my bag and head out the room. "Don't take too long mind!!" I hear someone yell behind me. I giggle to myself before going into the bathrooms. I jump infront of a mirror and check my hair looks fine, which it does. I quickly spray it with some tight curls hairspray and then re-apply my makeup. Once satisfied I skip out the toilets and back to the boys room. I walk in and come face to face with 5 gods. They're all stood around with their trousers hanging low so you can see their v-lines and topless. I must have looked like a freak standing there as i'm pretty sure I was standing with my mouth open. I quickly come back to reality and see that the boys are smirking at me. I look down at the floor, hoping the boys don't see me blushing.  "see something you like there lu?" I hear Louis smirking infront of me. "No! Just five ugly guys stood around thinking they're models," I say back quickly. 



"Goodnight everybody! It was great seeing you all! We'll be back soon, we promise!!" and with that the boys left the stage. They were amazing I'm not going to lie. Although Zayn still doesn't seem like he's happy. When he's singing it's like his mind is somewhere else. Oh well it's probably nothing. Just me over thinking like always! "OMG look it's Lucy, Niall's girlfriend," I hear from behind me. I turn round slowly and smile politely. "Do you mind if we have a picture?" A girl with long curly brown hair asks. I nod my head and smile "Sure, why not!" I go stand with the brown haired girl and smile, and then repeat this with her two friends. "Do you think we can ask a few questions?" they ask eagerly. "I guess so, but lets go somewhere more private," I say as I turn around and walk towards backstage. Luckily the boys figured I wouldn't want to get changed in the toilets or in front of them so they managed to get me my own changing room. I take the girls back to there and make them get comfy. I perch myself on my makeup table and look at the girls. They're really pretty, probably about 16 maybe 17. One of the girls, i think her name's Sophia, started the whole question and answer session by asking how I managed to come on tour with the guys. "My mum basically wanted to go away on holiday to Africa, but doesn't trust me alone. So when she found out Zayn was staying in the same town as us she arranged this!" I say trying not to bring back to many memories. "How did you know Zayn then?" the brunette girl, called Beth asked. This was the one question I didn't want to come up. I sighed before answering "When we were young, about 3, we met when we were at the beach. We were inseparable for years. Then something happened to me,  something not many people know about, and so it meant me and my mum had to move away. From then on Zayn ignored me until he turned up in Bristol in September." I wipe my cheeks knowing tears had fallen when I spoke about that. The girls just sat there staring at me in shock, I smile before asking for their phones. They happily hand them over to me and I type my number into all 3 of their phones and send a text to myself. "You ever want to chat about anything text me or call okay? and please don't let anyone know you have my number. I trust you girls," They say a quick okay and they carry on asking questions until there's a knock at the door. "Babe are you ready? We have to get to this party," Niall says politely. Shoot.. I know I forgot something. "Sorry girls, but I really need to get ready for the after party. It was really nice meeting you girls, and I promise I'll try sort out us meeting again soon!" We say our goodbyes and as soon as they're gone I change into my dress and add a little eye-shadow and lipstick. I open the door to reveal Niall, stood in a black skinnies, a simple top and a suit jacket. He's looks fit. "Took your time," he says smirking. "NO! I was chatting to some girls, we were having a question and answer session," I say before walking past him in the direction of the boys dressing room. "Lucy," I turn around to face Niall, "You look beautiful," I blush before turning back round and entering the boys dressing room. They're all lounged around on the sofas sat on their phones. "Excuse me, I believe we have a party to get to," I say enthusiastically. Their heads all snap towards the door, where I'm stood, and their mouths all open. "Hello... earth to 1D! Party.. NOW!" i say before walking out towards the exit...

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