summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


17. time to leave.

"Come on sweetie, time to get out of this place!" Niall says happily, whilst helping me out the bed, which might I say is very very uncomfortable! I instantly get up, and stretch out. Zayn's not seen me once since I ended up in this bed. NOT ONCE!! The other boys have been in and out, and Niall.. well he's been here every single day!! He's been so sweet to me. "YAY! Time to get out of here," I say as soon as I'm on my feet. He laughs slightly. "Hey don't laugh! You try being cooped up in here for more than two weeks.. even though I was out of it for one and a half." We walk out and he drags me into a black limo. As soon as we're in I realise there's no one else here. "Um.. where's the boys?" I wonder.. not realising I say it out loud. "Haha.. they're back at the airport.. I'm sorry hunny but we need to carry on with the tour now that you're out!" He says all matter-of-factly! I nod my head and then lean so I'm resting my head on his shoulder. I smile at him and whisper "Thank you," and then lightly kiss his lips. He kisses back softly, making my tummy do flips. It's like we were meant to be. We both pull away after a while and smile, "you're welcome Lu! Now get some sleep, you look shattered," I nod my head and lie down across the chairs, resting my head in his lap. Niall strokes my hair, and I slowly fall into a peaceful sleep. He makes me so happy. Come on you have to agree it's cute! As soon as I feel us stop about an hour later I wake up. "hello beautiful," I blush and say hey back. "How did you sleep?" he asks sweetly, "I slept perfectly!" I say happily. He gets out the limo and helps me out, before picking me up bridal style. I'm not going to complain I love being like this, wrapped up in his arms, it makes me feel protected. But also my ribs still hurt so it helps ease the pain. As soon as we step out the limo we're surrounded by security. As we walk through the airport I can see the flashes going off everywhere. I bury my head into Niall's chest knowing I'll get blinded if I keep looking at the flashes. "Come on sweetie we're here," Niall whispers as we stop walking. I shiver when I feel his breath on my neck. He laughs instantly knowing I'm blushing. I groan in annoyance at how obvious it is. "LUCYYY!!!!!!" I hear three of the boys cheer. I'm guessing Niall opened the door. Instantly I'm surrounded by arms, and 3 smiling boys. I get Niall to put me down and then I hug each of the boys individually, being careful, making sure I don't hurt myself. I pull away and notice Zayn's sat in the corner. I instantly walk over to him and tap his shoulder, as his eyes are closed and he's facing the wall. He jumps and opens his eyes, but as soon as he sees me he tenses up and looks away from me. "Zayn.. Look at me. NOW!" no response. hmm.. "Zayn Javadd Malik, if you don't look at me now I will tell these boys about what happened at the zoo." He instantly looks at me, "You tell them and you are dead. I'm not kidding." I roll my eyes at him and laugh, "it got you to look at me so that's all I care about. Anyway.. NONE of this is your fault. I just overreacted and forgot what I was doing I swear!" He nods sadly but doesn't say anything. I sigh and walk to the boys. "So what time we leaving and where we off to?" I ask seriously wanting to know. "Well we'll be leaving about now, and we're off to North America, we'll land in Toronto! Now come on we better go!" Harry says, almost happily! I smile and nod before walking over to Niall and handing him a piece of paper.. It says I like you, do you like me? Tick Yes or No. With two boxes underneath. I know it sounds cheesy but it saves me asking him face to face. 

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