summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


5. The day after the night before

Why did he have to do that yesterday?! He's messed up my mind, I can't think straight. I cried for hours when i got home, well not exactly home... Casey's house. He's the only one who i can go to when I'm like this. I can just cry in front of him and he just comforts me without asking what's up. The others would want to know what happened straight away.. but Casey.. he just waits until I tell him. He just wants me happy! If I told him what was up I know he'd go hurt Zayn and i don't want that. I know I slapped him, but that was just because I hadn't seen him in years and he just thinks he can just turn up and act like nothing happened. Whatever feelings I had for Zayn have gone. They went as soon as I saw him. "Good morning Lu, how are you feeling today hun?" Like I said he just wants me happy! "I'm fine, better than last night anyway! Thanks for letting me stay the night, you really are an amazing friend!" I meant every word. "It's fine honestly. You should know by now you're always welcome here! Mum thinks of you as her daughter so doesn't mind and you're my best mate! I'm always gonna be here to cheer you up! You don't have to worry about telling me what's up as I think I've figured that out. Just show the world your beautiful smile please Lu!" I'm sure there's a lot more meaning behind those words that he's letting through. "Thanks Casey! I think I better get home before mum freaks out. I'll text you when i get home. Meet you guys at mine bout 7ish tonight for our movie night! Oh and don't forget popcorn!!" I give him a quick hug before walking the short distance to my house, which is 2 streets away. 


As soon as I step in the door I can hear mum talking in the kitchen. "Make sure you tell tell them I say hey!" ... "What?! You're here on your own?" ... "Ohh okay! So there's 5 of you?" ... "That's good! Well you guys are always welcome here instead of where ever you're staying." And that was when I closed the door, quietly, and run up the stairs. I hear the kitchen door open and next thing I know i hear "Lucy is that you?! If it is please get down here now!!" I can't argue with my mum so I quickly change into some clean clothes, a pair of blue denim shorts, a grey vest and a grey YMCMB hoodie. Slowly, I walk downstairs and into the kitchen. As soon as I walk in I walk straight back out again. "Lucy get back in here now!" I walk straight out the house and call Casey. I know i just left him but I need him again. I can't go back in there alone, not after what I just saw. After 3 rings Case picks up:

Casey: Hey Lu, is everything okay?

Me: Nope. Can you come to mine? 

Casey: Yeah I'll be there in 5. 

Me: Thanks Case. I'll meet you at the end of my road.

Casey: Okay. See you in a minute

Me: Byeee, Loves you!

Casey: Love you too!

*end of phone call*


I know what you're thinking.. why say Love you to a guy who's just your friend! Well we always do it. All of us tell each other we love each other. We have done for years! I run to the end of the street and wait for Casey. As soon as I see him I run up to him and just hug him, hiding my face in his hoodie. We stand there just hugging for 5 minutes until I pull away. "Come to mine? You'll see why," I whisper looking up at him. He nods his head, before taking my hand in his and we walk down the street to mine. As soon as we get to my door I lean up and kiss his cheek and whisper "Thank you" and blush slightly. I open the door and we walk in and walk towards the kitchen. Casey opens the door and just stands there staring. I look up at Casey with tears in my eyes. Casey is the only one out of our friends who knows exactly what happened in my past, which is why I asked him to come over and none of the others. They just wouldn't understand why I'm acting like this!


AN: Sorry I haven't updated much, but life is so busy at the moment! Sorry! Will try and write when I can xx

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