summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


20. T or D

"Truth or Dare time!!!" Louis yells from the living room.


So here I am. Sat on one of the kitchen stools moping as the boys are making me play truth or dare. [Insert sigh here] I'm not one of those people who loves this game as I hate people knowing all my business. "If you don't get your butt in there now I can guarantee Louis will be out here and dragging you in that room.. or killing you," Zayn says stood in the doorway. I nod my head before saying "Can we talk later? Like just me and you?" Oh god. What if he says no? What if I just made a fool of myself? "sure," he says before leaving. I follow him, deciding I don't want Louis to kill me and sit down to complete their circle. I sit next to Niall and Liam. "Nice of you to join us," Louis says seriously but you can tell he's trying not to laugh. I give him one simple little nod of my head and look into the middle of the circle where they've placed a bottle.

"I'm first!" Liam says, before spinning the bottle. Whilst it's spinning all I can think is 'Not me, not me, not me'. I sigh audibly when it lands on Harry. "truth or dare Hazza?" Liam asks smirking. "Dare.. I aint a pussy!" Harry replies, you can hear the proudness in his voice. "hmm... I dare you to go to the apartment next  door, and whoever answers the door you must snog!" He instantly got up and stalked out the door. Liam followed him leaving us 4 to carry on. Louis spins the bottle and it lands on Niall. "Truth!" Louis thinks long and hard before piping up with "If you found out Demi Lovato fancied you and you were still with Lu.. would you dump Lu for Demi?" Niall looks down at his hands before mumbling "I'd dump Lu..." I stare at him dumbfounded. Wow. Louis spins the bottle again and it lands on me. Shoot. "I choose truth please!" Surprisingly Louis pipes up straight away. "Tell us about your childhood and teen years! And we'll know if you're lying," he says whilst pointing at Zayn. Zayn looks at me and you can see the guilt in his eyes. I sigh before starting..


By the end of my little speech about me past Liam and harry were back, I'd cried a lot and I'd zoned out from the boys. That's when I realise I'm being carried somewhere.. I don't bother freaking out cus I realise it's one of the boys. I just bury my face into their top, knowing I look a mess and I'll probably end up getting makeup on their top. oh well! Their problems not mine. That's when i realise I knew the odor. Zayn. He always had a unique odor that i loved. This just made me cry into him. "hey, shhh! I'm here, it's all okay," he soothes as i'm placed onto what i guess is my bed. "It's all going to be okay I promise," He gets up and that's when I realise I don't want him to go.. "stay please?" I feel the bed dip down again and a body joining me under my duvet. As soon as he's under I wiggle closer to him so his body is warming up mine and he wraps his arms round me protectively. "What he did to you.. I won't let it happen again," He mumbles into my hair. I'm pretty sure he felt my body tense up slightly as he kisses the back of my neck and starts soothing me again. And this is how I fall asleep... In his arms. Just like old times! 


I'm pretty sure i'm going to dream of him tonight!


AN: just a filler chapter I'm sorry it's really bad x 


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