summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


8. surpriseee

Whoop 3 days until the end of term!! YES YES YES! Can finally have some me time and have nobody interrupt it! School hasn't been that bad and yeah it's been quite good. "LUCY if you don't get your butt down here in a minute i'm not taking you shopping," Mum yelled from downstairs. I reluctantly get up from my bed and trudge into my walk in wardrobe and search for some black skinnies, an american patterned top and my red converse, get changed and quickly run down the stairs. Mums layed me out some waffles so i eat them quickly, go brush my teeth and then meet mum by my car. "Where we going first then?" mum asks.. "Um the local mall?" She quickly pulls away and makes her way towards the mall.


After hours shopping I'd bought about 10 tops, 4 pairs of trousers, 3 pairs of shorts, 5 pairs of shoes, a dress and some hoodies! Lets just say mum bought every single thing! She wouldn't let me pay for anything.. which is horrible! So I bought her lunch. That's the great thing about mum, she spoils me rotten! For christmas last year she got me an ipad, a new tv, loads of clothes, and she planned a trip to New York for me! I seriously love her lots! 'I wanna be the one you run to when you need a shoulder, I ain't a soldier but i'm here to make a stand, because we can' my phone started blaring Casey's ring tone.. 


Me: Yo, what's up?

Casey: Nothing much, wanted to see if you were free!

Me: No i'm expensive.

Casey: haha very funny!

Me: I know I should be a comedian! 

Casey: haha! Anyway you busy?

Me: Not really, Just got back from a shopping spree with my mum, I'm sure she won't mind if you pop over.

Casey: cool, I'll be there in a minute!

Me: Yay! See ya babes

Casey: Bye Lu, Loves you

Me: Loves you too

*end of call*


I quickly run downstairs to mum, "Hey Casey's on his way over... that okay?" i ask mum, who's in the kitchen! "Yeah that's fine! But um.. do you think I could talk to you?" "Um yeah sure," We walk into the living room and I sit down on one of the love seats and mum stays standing. "You know I love you, and that I try to spend as much time with you as possible," She turns her back to me! "Yeah..." "Well I'm going to Africa for a few months and I'm leaving you with some friends." "oh... but why can't I go with you? and who are you leaving me with?" she turns around and looks at me smiling slightly, "Because it's with work and umm... Zayn and his friends! They're travelling the world and they said you can go with them." I storm out the room and up to my bedroom and lie with my face covered by my pillow and scream at the top of my lungs. This is gonna be such a bad few months!


A/N Sorry i've hardly updated recently I've had a few problems recently and so i'm not in a great mood!<3 

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