summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


2. New Year Of School


Today is the day... first day back at school! This is bound to be fun (Note the sarcasm)! Only good think is I get to see my friends again.. well i saw them i the holidays but it's not the same as being at school! But it also means i gotta face the 'IT' girls! Anyway so here i am getting dressed! The good thing is i don't have to wear my uniform as they got rid of that rule years ago! I'm dressed in black skinnies, a white top covered by a black leather jacket, black vans and my grey hype beanie. My hair is pin straight, thanks to me patiently straightening my hair for a hour and i have a little makeup on.. you know just like a bit of eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss! I grab my grey hype backpack and run down the stairs to greet mum before i leave for school! "Morning mum, i'm off! See you later." i say as i grab a granola bar from the tabletop in the kitchen! "I won't be home til late, i got to work late. sorry sweetie" i sigh and walk to the door, "it's fine mum don't worry. See you tonight!" and with that i run out to my car.. a black mini cooper and make my way to school! Thanks god it's sixth form now! (year 12)1


As soon as i reach school i get out and meet Maisie, Casey, Skye and Austin! I run over to them and give them a massive hug! "hey guys! I've missed you sooo much and it's only been.. what like 3 days!!" I say whilst hugging Casey! "Missed you too, shorty," yeah Casey has a thing about calling me 'shorty' cus i'm like 7 inches shorter than him.. but he is like 5 foot 10.. so i have an excuse! We make our way into school and head straight to our tutor rooms.. we're not together unfortunately! Me and Austin take Psychology, Casey takes Sport and then Maisie and Skye take art! So we all have different tutors around the school! "meet you guys at break, same place as usual," Casey calls before making his way towards the tech area. "Bye guys, we'll see you later! Don't cause to much chaos whilst we're gone!" Skye says before her and Maisie leave. Me and Austin are trouble together... we're normally the ones who cause food fights at lunch or water fights in the summer! We make our way to the room in the english area and take our seats in then normal place... right at the back in the corner! Austin in the very corner and me next to him... no one normally sat next to us as we were always either hyper or in an annoying mood. 

"OMG did you see the new guy?" Sophie, one of the 'IT' girls asked Kelsie! "Yeah.. He's smoking hot! You should try and get with him!" 


That's the thing about the 'IT' girls.. they'll fuck any walking thing! "Such sluts" i whisper to Austin, who starts laughing, causing people to stare at us! The sooner this lesson is over the quicker i can get away from all these comments can stop! It's not nice being stuck in a lesson with girls asking each other 'how big do you think his dick is?' and stuff like that! And like always the teacher is late.. ugh why can't he be on time for once?!

5 minutes later and he walks in. "Nice to see i have the same group as last year.(note the sarcasm). I hope you guys are a lot better behaved than last year." yeah i really doubt we will be... and i'm sure most of the students in this room are thinking the same! Thanks god the bell rang 15 minutes later signalling the end of tutor. The next 2 lessons went quite fast as it was double psychology! 


we met the guys at our normal spot... down the side of the school by the pavilion! But Skye was missing... "Maisie where's Skye?" "I'm not sure, she went to the toilet after lesson and I haven't see her since." Just then Skye walked over... "OMG you'll never see who i just met!!" "Who?" Austin asked... "The new guy! OMG he is soooooo fit! He's a bad-boy, i can tell, and he has the whole 'biker dude' look about him! You guys have to see him.. look!" she pointed to a group of popular people and you could clearly see who she was talking about. I stared at the him before walking away in the opposite direction. I was determined to avoid this guy as much as possible..


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