summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


16. I heard everything you know?

"So umm.. I heard everything." Zayn says awkwardly. I look at him blankly and reply "Yeah I know. I heard the door slam and then Niall said it was you," He sighs and sits down next to me on the sofa. I scoot over so I'm on the edge, as far away from him as possible. He looks at me slightly pained but i shake it off and think I'm mistaken. I stand up and look at Zayn, "Why Zayn? Why react like this huh? Why now?!" He looks at me confused. "Why decide to blow off about this now? You've been acting like you hate me and haven't said a word to me for years, and then get pissy at me for saying you're not the guy you used to be!" I say with silent tears falling down my cheeks. "I didn't know what you wanted me to do. A lot happened when you left, like the fact that I'm now in One Direction. When I found out we were staying in Bristol for a while I made sure to find out where you were staying," I look at him stunned. "Why?! It's not hard to pick up your phone and press a few buttons and make a quick phone call. And that's just stalkerish. Did you not think about what this would do to me?" At this point I storm out the room, ignoring all the boys comments and shouts and run out of the airport. I hear footsteps behind me so I run faster, wanting to get away and be on my own. I run faster and faster, my tears blurring my vision slightly. As soon as I get outside I run into the road in front of a car. "Lucy no!!" I hear as I get hit. As soon as i hit the floor I feel the pain hit me as well. "Lucy can you hear me?" I hear from somewhere next to me. "Yes," I say whispering. "Where does it hurt to? Try to keep your eyes open slightly" I feel myself being held by someone and my head being rested in their lap. "My head," I choke out whilst trying to keep my eyes open. I feel unconsciousness coming, and feel my eyes slowly droop closed. "Lucy please," I hear as I fall into unconsciousness. And i'm pretty sure I heard someone say they love me, but I'm not sure. I'm too far away to hear properly.




I wake up to blinding lights. I close my eyes instantly, hating the brightness. After a while I try again and let my eyes adjust to the light. As soon as I sniff once I know exactly where I am. Nothing will let me forget the memories from the last time I was here. I can't remember why I was there, apart from the stuff that I was told, but I will never forget the smell. Hospitals. The one place I despise. Last time I was here I found out I'd lost my memories of my childhood. I groan slightly when the pain in my head returns. I try to lift my hand up to my head, but it's restricted by something heavy. I groan again and look around to see I'm on my own. Nice to know the guys loved me. Note the sarcasm. I look around for the button to call the nurse, and as soon as I set sight of it I reach my other arm out and press it. Within a few minutes I'm joined by a doctor. He looks at me and smiles. "Hello Lucy, how are you feeling?" I smile and reply "I'm just peachy, how are you?" He rolls his eyes at me. "Now tell me the truth, and aren't you a polite young girl." I blush slightly. Not because of him knowing I'm lying... But because a guy who's about six foot, with dark brown hair, spiked up, and a well built body just complimented me and is looking after me. This is one of the perks of being in hospital. "My head hurts, my arm hurts, my chest hurts and my lower back hurts." He looks at me understandingly and explains all my injuries. "You broke your left arm, hit your head when you fell so have a dew stitches on the back of your head, you cracked 3 ribs and your lower back took a lot of impact when you fell," I look at him like 'wtf' and he laughs a dreamy laugh. "It's fine, I told someone who claims to be here for you everything so they can explain it to you later." I smile slightly at his kindness. "wait there's people actually here for me?" I asked slightly happy. "Yeah there is. You can see them now if you want," I smile brightly at him and he gets the hint as he leaves the room, and a few minutes later five guys come bounding in. As soon as they spot me they stop and look at me smiling. "Nice to know I'm missed! Now who's going to tell me how long I've been out?" I ask while looking at each of the boys. Louis speaks up, "You've been out for about a week and a half," I gasp at him, shocked that I've been out for so long. "Then why are you still here in Australia? You should be on your tour!" I say shocked. I'm broke out of my thoughts by them laughing. "Babe calm down, we postponed the dates, and moved them so we can do them at the end of the tour. We weren't leaving you here in hospital," Liam says still laughing. I roll my eyes. My tummy grumbles and I blush lots. "Um.. do you think you guys can get me some proper food? Hospital food is rank!" I say smiling. "Yeah sure, whatcha want?" Liam asks straight away. "Nandos!!" me and Niall say simultaneously. I laugh and the boys nod. Everyone apart from Niall leaves to get me and him some food. I point to the chair next to the bed and Niall sits down. "How you feeling?" He asks looking slightly worried. "I'm fine, in a bit a pain, but the pain relief is starting to settle in now," I say i relief! "You know Zayn feels really bad? Well no.. we all feel really bad. We shouldn't have left you in there alone and we shouldn't have let you run off. I tried to knock you out the way.. but.. but I was too.." I stop him by putting my finger over his lips. "It was my fault. No one else's. I was the one that ran in front of the car. It was a mistake. But the information was just too much for me. He expected me to be fine with him being back and act like nothing happened. But I'm not like that. things like this actually hurt me. He ignored me for 2 years! 2 years Niall!!" I wipe his cheeks when I notice a few stray tears fall down his cheeks. This was going to be an eventful time on tour, I can tell..

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