summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


10. goodbye

"Don't forget us whilst your gone!!" Austin whispers in my ear as i hug him tight. "I won't, I'll miss you too much to forget you," i sniff back. I pull away and envelope Skye and Maisie into a massive hug "You guys better keep me up to date with all the gossip!! I don't wanna come back and be like behind!" i giggle slightly as I say this. "Hey that's what friends are for right? We'd never let you come back and be behind on gossip!!" Skye giggles into my ear as I hug them tighter. They pull away and start to walk away towards mums car. "Wait hunny! We got you going away presents," Maisie screeches. I turn around to face them and grin! "whatcha get me?" I run over to them and jump to a stand still. "well..I got you this," Maisie says, giving me a funny wrapped present. I unwrapped the present and revealed a big, brown, fluffy teddy, with big, deep brown eyes! "OMG I love it! It's lushh!!" I hug Maisie tight. "me next!" Skye screeches before throwing a box at me wrapped in flowery wrapping paper. I carefully took off the wrapping paper and then opened the box revealing black lee coopers. "EEEEP!! I love you!" i say before jumping into her arms! "Well you live in converse so I thought I'd get you something new." she whispers before pulling away. I giggle slightly! "So mister, did you get me anything?" I say smirking at Austin. He blushes before giving me a fairly square package, "here," i look at him smiling before ripping the paper off the present! "WOW I love it!" I look down at the big photo album in my hands and back up at Austin. "If you open it there's pictures of all of us and you," he mumbles quietly. Aww he's cute when he's embarrassed! "Thanks for the presents guys, it means a lot! I guess I better go now. I'll miss you guys!" I say before walking to the car. I slowly get into the car, trying to keep the tears from falling. "Do you think we can stop by at Casey's house? I don't wanna leave without saying bye to him," I ask mum quietly. "Sure sweetie."


*Knock Knock*


"Hey sweetie, can I help you?" Casey's mum asks me when she opens the door. "Um.. is Casey in? I wanted to say bye," I say quietly, looking at my feet. "Sure hang on i'll just go get him!" She says before turning back into the house. Minutes later Casey walks to the door. "come in," he says before guiding me upstairs to his room. I follow him and stand awkwardly in his door way. He points towards the sofa that's in the corner of his room and I sit on it. " I can't stay long I'm on my way to the airport..." I say awkwardly. Casey tenses as soon as i say that. "Case I'm coming back I promise. I'm only going for a year at the most. I won't forget you I promise." I say this whilst looking at him directly in the eyes. I can feel tears falling down my cheeks but I dont care. I just let them fall. Casey slowly gets up and hands me a thin box with a blue bow stuck on top. "Um.. I got you a going away present?" He said it more as a question, as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. I slowly open the box and reveal a beautiful necklace that says 'Love' with a diamond. He smiles slightly at me, wipes my tears away and pulls me up for a big hug. After about three minutes he pulls away and whispers "You better get going..." I nod and walk towards his bedroom door. "Don't forget me big guy," I whisper before walking down the stairs and out of his house. As soon as I get into mums car I break down in tears.



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