summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


1. flashback


Lucy's POV


"Get away from me! You're useless. You mean nothing to me! You were the biggest mistake of my life" 


That's the last thing i remember from my childhood! Anyway i'm Lucy! i'm 16 and live in Bristol. I don't remember much of my childhood as i got beat up by my ex and was in a coma and suffered slight amnesia after. Now I live happily in Bristol! I'm originally from Bradford but i moved 3 years ago because my mum had a job transfer! My dad doesn't live with us as he left my mum just after i was born, but that doesn't matter anymore!



"don't leave please! I need you! You're my everything. My world! You can't leave me. Please"

"I'm sorry but i need to. I need to go. My mum has been offered a job transfer and i have to move with her. I'm sorry! I'll always love you Zayn. Keep smiling. Bye" that's when i just left. crying. i went home and collapsed on my bed and cried til i fell asleep.

end of Flashback

So here i am now in Bristol! Bristol is such a great place to live! Most of the people who live here are so so so sweet! They're not as good as my friends back home but they are great! Since I moved i've not had a boyfriend... apparently the last one i had was the reason i was in a coma so I really don't trust guys! 

"Hey sweetie, whatcha thinking about?" That's Maisie, my best mate! She's amazing! She knows all about my past and supports me through everything! 

"Just thinking. About home. About him. I haven't seen him for 3 years!"

"awww sweetie! You'll see him soon I'm sure of it"


That's the thing about Maisie, she always knows what to say to make you cheer up. She likes to give you false hope to make you all happy again! It's actually quite sweet! anyway the 'him' I was relating to is Zayn Malik, my old best best mate. I had to leave him when i left home, and then he never answered my calls or my texts. So i've not spoke to him for 2 whole years. I always had a little crush on him. But no one knows! It's funny how we met actually...



I was playing on the sand with my mum at our local beach, making sandcastles, and the next thing i know some boy had ran through my castles! I burst out crying and ran to my mum. Later that day the boy came over and said sorry to me. He had jet black hair, cut short, and brown eyes.. he was quite cute. He ran off and so I followed him. We decided to make a big sandcastle, we decorated it with seashells and bits of seaweed. We spent the whole day together

End Of Flashback

And that is how i met my old best friend. From that day onward we were inseparable. We'd spend the whole time at school together, after school together and the only time we were apart was when we were sleeping at our own homes. I miss him so much it hurts me!



A/N : 

this is my first attempt at writing one of these so yeah i hope you enjoy it!!<3 

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