summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


9. Breaking news..

"Come on Lu, you needa get up soon! You've been lead in bed long enough! You get up for school, go to school, come home and get back in bed and stay there until you get up for school the next day. You look terrible and everyone can tell you're not your normal self." I could hear Casey outside my door! If he thought I was getting up, he's got another thing coming! I grunt at him, which in my language means go away! "The gang at least deserve an explanation as to why you're acting like a bitch! You either call them now and get them round or i will." This is the side of Casey I hate. The side that turns into a father! It's annoying sometimes as he can ruin things, but at times it saves me. "I'm not calling them so I guess you'll have to," I yell back from my spot on my bed, but I'm pretty sure it came out muffled as I have my head buried into my pillows and under my quilt cover. I hear Casey sigh from outside my bedroom so I'm guessing he understood. "You leave me no choice Lucy. You seriously need to explain this to them. They're your friends, you can't leave them in the dark and then get angry at them when they freak out at you for not telling them when you go away." 




"So basically you're getting made to go on vacation with five fit guys for a whole year?" Skye asked, looking at me shocked! "Yep!" I said whilst sighing. I was led on my bed throwing a football into the air whilst the four of them were sat on the sofa and on the floor next to my bed. "I don't see why you're so grumpy! I'd love to go with them! You'd get to live with the hottest guys in school and see them everyday and they could like pamper you!! Think of the good side not the bad side," Skye chirped. Skye is the only one who doesn't quite understand everything. "If worst comes to worst you'll have your car so you can get away," Austin says quickly. "um yeah... I won't have my car. We're going by coach or something so i'll be stuck on that. Ugh it's going to be horrible!" I drop the ball on my chest as i say this and groan. "Guys I leave tomorrow!! I don't wanna go. I'm gonna miss you guys!" I get up and walk to my wardrobe and carry on packing my suitcases, a job I was meant to do yesterday. Casey gets up and stands behind me and says "We'll skype you all the time and call you and text you. You'll get annoyed with us aha. Just be happy and try to enjoy yourself whilst you're gone! We'll always be here when you need us, we'll never forget you! And anyway you'll be back in a year," I stand up and hug Casey, crying slightly on his shoulder. "umm.. We're gonna go I'm going away to London tomorrow with the family and Austin's coming with, so yeah we better go.." Maisie says awkwardly, as she walks towards me with Austin following her. I pull away from Casey and hug the two of them. "yeah i better go too," skye says, "I'll miss you lots sweetie!" I hug her too and then all five of us have a big group hug and don't pull away for about five minutes. Skye, Austin and Maisie leave and me and Casey sit on the sofa in my room just hugging. Casey's the one person I'm going to miss the most, he's like an older brother, a dad and a best friend all in one! He's the one person I go to when I have problems. He was the one person who made me feel wanted when I moved here. He didn't leave when he found out about my ex and when he found out about Zayn. "Do you mind if I stay tonight shorty? I just don't wanna leave you like this tonight," he whispers into my hair. I sniffle and nod my head. I love when Casey stays at mine. We normally end up having movie nights, with loads of junk food and then I end up falling asleep in Casey's arms. I feel safe there. "What movie we putting on then? Comedy? Action? Romance?" he asks me smiling... "Hmm... Comedy!! Nothing sad and sappy. ooo I know how about kick ass 2?" i ask getting up to search for it. 



And that's how we spent the night.. watching kick ass 2 and other films, eating junk food and falling asleep in Casey's arms. It's the best way to end the last day here in Bristol! 



A/N: Sorry it's a late update.. I've been ill and stressed and had my year 9 sats last week! 

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