summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


3. Avoiding

It's the end of the day at last.. and i narrowly avoided 'him'! It's so hard to avoid him when he's in some of my classes! I bet you're wondering how I know it's 'him'.. well he hasn't changed much: just got taller, he's dyed the front of his hair and he's matured a little... still got a good body, black hair and brown eyes.. the ones that you can't stop looking at! I can't let him know I go to the same school as him! Wait... why's he even here? He should still be in Bradford surely?! Oh well all i know is that things are going to be getting a lot tougher from now on! 


Anyway here I am.. Sat with the guys at mine as mums at work... still! I get that she works for a popular company but she spends so much time at work that i actually hardly ever see her.. she even works on weekends! That's why i'm so glad i have such amazing friends... I don't know where i'd be without them! At the moment we're sat here arguing about what we're doing at the weekend... 

*phone vibration*  



You need to be more discreet next time you look at me! You haven't changed much, so don't try and hide! When you figure out who this is talk to me! Don't be shy! -mystery guy ;) x


"who's that?" I hand my phone over to Casey.. "um i have no clue! You got any guesses?" I asked all confused. "i don't know! I'm guessing it's someone you knew when you were younger but i'm not sure! Anyway we're going out you joining?" 

"where you guys going?"

"NANDOOOOOS!!!" Austin has an addiction to Nandos so he makes us go with him whenever we're free! I'm not going to lie nandos isn't that bad, it just gets annoying after a while! "Um... sure! As long as you're paying," "I pay every time though Lu.. why can't you guys pay for once?" "because you're the one that's dragging us to Nandos, so you can pay okay! Now are we going casual or dressy?" "Ohhh i know summer casual... you know like shorts, vests." "NO skye we're not going summer casual in like Autumn! It's cold and windy! So normal casual i'm guessing!" And with that i ran off to my room to change out my uniform into some blue ripped skinny jeans, a pink and white dip dyed sleeveless swing shirt and pink vans! I quickly plait my hair over my right shoulder and re-apply some lip-gloss and mascara and run down to my car to meet the rest of the guys.. They all end up leaving clothes at mine so there's always things for them to change into when needed. We all jump in Austin's black Mercedes amg and drive to nandos! Luckily Austin knows the manager so we always get our usual spot in the back, where we can't annoy lots of people, and we always get our food cheaper! 


As night time came, it got busier and louder! I'm not gonna lie most of the noise was from us, but hey there's 5 of us and we're teenagers so hey you can't blame us! That's when a group of people walked in about out age.. you could tell all the girls were staring at them, but hey they we're gorgeous! There was a blonde one who was the shortest, a guy with curly hair who was about 5 foot 10, a guy with brown swept hair who was about 5'9'' and a guy who from the back had black hair and was wearing black jeans, biker boots and a leather jacket! The boys walked over to a table and met another guy who was about 5 foot 10 and has short brown hair! The guy with black hair turned around and spotted us. I instantly stand up and run out of nandos out onto the street.. I hear feet behind me and slow down expecting it to be one of my friends, so i slowly turned round to be met by the brown eyes i'd been dreading to look into again.. 

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