summer love

Lucy, a 16 year old, meets a boy during school! He's transferred from Bradford to Bristol! Little does she know that she's met him before somewhere but she can't remember where! Lucy has had a rough childhood and it's effected her whole teen life!


12. 20 questions!

"Wakey wakey Lucy!" I open one of my eyes and see Louis inches away from my face! "It's time to get off the plane," I slowly get up and I'm instantly picked up by Louis. "You look tired and you're still half asleep," he states whilst cradling me to his body and walking towards the door of the plane. After we get off the plane we go straight to a room, similar to one back in Bristol. As soon as we're in there Louis drops me onto one of the sofas. "When we go out you need to keep your head down, try and let your hair cover your face and stay in the middle of us and the bodyguards. If anyone asks you questions ignore them and just walk fast okay?" Liam states. You can tell he's the daddy of the band. I nod my head slightly. "Don't worry hun, I'll be there right next to you dragging you along," Niall whispers into my ear making me jump. Paul enters the room and announces it's time to go. I get up nervously and slowly walk out the door and instantly get surrounded by body guards and airport security and the boys. We make our way through lots of corridors and out into the main part of the airport. Instantly I can hear camera's going off and girls screaming. Everywhere I looked I could see tons of people all wanting to catch a glimpse of the five boys surrounding me. I start walking slower and slower as I try to think things through and end up just behind all the boys, but pushed forward by Paul. Niall instantly grabs my wrist and pulls me back into the middle of the guys, but not before the paparazzi start shouting that they've spotted a girl.

"Who's the girl? is she one of your girlfriends?"

"Has Niall finally found a girl?"

"Is Harry cheating on Amelia?"

"Care to dish some dirt on the boys darliinggg"


I keep my head down and ignore the questions like Liam informed me to do earlier, when he made his speech. As soon as we get out the doors we're met by a limo, so they boys being boys jump in first leaving me to follow. "Yeah well done at keeping me out the paparazzi's eye guys," I step into the limo and jump onto Louis' lap as there's no space left as the guys are all led about on the chairs. "OOFFF," Louis says as soon as I land on him. I curl up on Louis' lap and fall asleep. I hate being jet legged. It feels like 10 minutes later, when in fact it's 2 hours later, when I'm getting woke up again by Louis. I groan at him for waking me up as I was having a nice sleep. "Come on we're at our hotel!" Louis announces and pretty much drags me out the Liam. I trail behind the boys, taking in the massive hotel. "Come on Lu, if you don't hurry up Harry and Niall will take the best rooms. So get your sexy bum moving now!" Liam shouts from the hotel entrance. I rush up the steps and into the elevator. As soon as we get to the floor I rush to the door and wait for Liam to open it. As soon as the door opens I come face to face with a massive penthouse. Harry and Louis rush past us and make their way to what i guess are bedrooms. Zayn barges past, rude much, and head towards another bedroom. Niall runs next and runs in the opposite direction to another direction and Liam wonders in and sits down on the sofa. Niall runs back out to me and grabs my wrist and drags me to one of the two bedrooms that are left. "And this is your room.." Niall says whilst opening my door. The first thing I notice is my suitcase already on the floor at the end of my bed."Um.. why's my stuff already in here?" I ask confused. "Oh yeah, Paul likes to put our stuff in our rooms so when we get here we don't end up arguing over rooms. Oh and by the way it looks like you have the best room!" Niall explains. He walks over to the curtains, which are closed, and opens them, revealing a beach with the lushest blue sea ever. It's so clear! You can actually see the bottom of the water.


"Favourite film?"

"Fast and Furious, yours?

"Toy Story!!"

"Favourite food?"

"Spaghetti Bolognese, yours?"

" Chocolate!!"


This is how we spent our night.. playing 20 questions! I'm not gonna lie as the night went on the questions became more awkward! But what do you expect when you're staying with 5 boys.. well 4 boys as one of them still won't talk to me! Good thing is I get to listen to the boys sing tomorrow! They have a concert tomorrow so I get to go to sound check and the concert! I'm not going to lie I actually can't wait! And I get to meet Louis and Harry's girlfriends!!


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