The Problems With Cassidy

Cassidy has always led the tough life. This is even more proven when Cassidy runs away from her alcoholic dad and gets kidnapped and held prisoner in a Russian facility in the middle of the woods.
BTW: "***" is the leader of the Agent.


3. Cassidy's POV

They ask me why. Why I ran away and accidently broke into that facility. Why I ran away from my life. Why I ran away from something I couldn’t run away from. I want to shout at them,” Um, I don’t know. Let’s see. My mom passing away from a cruise ship BEING BOMBED. My dad turning into a record-breaking alcoholic just after 2 weeks after Mom’s funeral. And let me see. Me getting teased for being a girl who got straight A’s and stayed away from the freaky stuff. Me not wanting to be like the rest of the kids. Oh ya and maybe my best friend being the enemy to ***?!?!?” but of course I didn’t say that. That’d be absurd if I said that. They’d only comfort me to earn my trust and and then get me to pour out all the secrets I had heard in that prison cell. Those cold metal bars that had trapped me inside it’s iron cell for three months. And all the painful, traitor-like secrets I had heard with all that Russian. One reason that added up to me being bullied and beaten up was me taking the class that no one ever dared taking: Russian. People may have called me lame and such but that was one of the few things I had to know if I wanted to be in ***. Then of course I got kicked out when they had learned that I had never been able to learn Italian. Well, that’s when life went downhill. I got bullied, pushed around. Even my friends that was held the dearest in my heart left. They all left. As if I was some human magnet. I made them walk in a direction. Any direction away from me. They’d make up lame excuses as if they wanted me to know that we all knew that I wasn’t wanted here. As if I didn’t belong here. They’d say sarcastically,” Oh hey. Did I forget to get that penny that we passed in the corner of Mrs. Armoles room?” and the other friend would try to hide a snicker as if I had lost my eyes too and replied back,” Oh ya. That penny can help buy your mom something.” and they’d say back,” What?” and then the other friend would say,” Maybe a one way ticket to her grave?” and they’d guffaw like horsies (not the prettiest ones I’ll admit.) while I would be throwing off my backpack and lunging it towards the people who had insulted my mother. Naturally they’d throw it into the 10-foot lake that was just by where I was waiting for my bus. I’d go swimming and go find the contents and shove it in my mud colored, smelly crap backpack. Of course it’d get all over me and on the bus the kids would laugh at me and pull my hair. They’d spit things like,” Daddy too busy kissing young girls and drinking to buy you a shower?” or ,” I’m starting to think she’s so ugly, that the shower ran away from her too!” and the list would go on and on for miles. Of course at the end of the ride everyone would pull down their windows from that horrid stench and I would feel as if i’d won for once. That they had gotten to me through my mother, and I had gotten through them with the lake. While taking that mile-long walk to the apartment where I realized; home would just never be home again. So I decided to go into the woods that always neighbored and accompanied me on my way home. I decided to run in the trees and just run. Run away from my problems. From the world.

    That’s when I heard it. I didn’t want to hear it. But I did. I heard Russian. Russian everywhere. Russian here. Russian there. Russian quickly coming towards me. I was too busy and caught up with what seemed like a run-down factory. I was too busy and ( I’ll admit, too stupid) to realize that there was someone behind me. In fact, a whole army behind me. I’d apparently interrupted their training. Pfft. Training please. Like they had any training to do.

    Then that woman appeared. I’ll admit. She looked good. She looked healthy and fit. And she looked a little evil.

    Cassidy, do you know what must happen when someone is caught in our head-quarters?” How did they know me?

    “They get let out and never speak of it again?”

    “No. That is silly. They get killed.”

    “NO! Erm. No. NO. NO. NO THANK YOU! NO ME GUSTA! “

    “No... Me... Gusta...? GUSTAVIO! What does... “no me gusta” mean?”

I scoff at this and she stares at me with her emerald-green eyes. I’m soon expecting her fire-like red hair to turn into snakes and watch her unfold in front of my eyes into Medusa. “Gustavio” whispers something to her and then she nods her head in understanding.

    “Well I’m afraid you’ll have to........... “gusta. Because even though we are not killing you. We are holding you for prisoner. Gustavio. Lock... lock this little girl up.”

    “I can walk. If you have eyes than you can clearly see that I have a pair of legs and hands that are meant to be unbound from shackles and handcuffs. So let’s keep it that way okay?”

    I observed my options. Run. Or walk. Run. Or walk. Then I looked down at my shoes. I realized. I had worn Nikes. I suddenly pushed through the line of men; catching them off-guard when I made a run for it. As if out of nowhere, I ran into that lady that I had met with back there and she shook her finger.

    “Little girl. If you think we are that foolish to think that you wouldn’t at least try to run, you must think we’re a pack of monkeys.”

    She looked me up and down in disgust and stated,” Maybe we should kill you if you’re going to be this much of trouble.” with that being said, she had hit me with the butt of her knife and all I saw was black. You know the rest. I got captured and I got rescued and now i’m here. All there is to it. All there I hope, ever will be.

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