The Problems With Cassidy

Cassidy has always led the tough life. This is even more proven when Cassidy runs away from her alcoholic dad and gets kidnapped and held prisoner in a Russian facility in the middle of the woods.
BTW: "***" is the leader of the Agent.


2. Agent's POV

We’ve continuously tried to get Cassidy to crack. Crack like a nutshell and tumbling out is the nut, which in this case, represents all her big secrets. But unfortunately, she’s already escaped twice through window we regretfully and generously provided to her. Now she’s in one of those puffed up white rooms which I hardly ever pay attention to. She refuses to let’s say it how the teenager kids say it,” Go. With. The. Flow. She’s now severely injured two operatives that tried to get her in a straitjacket. I wonder what anyone did to her to make her so cruel. So vicious. But then again. No one knows Cassidy, better than Cassidy.


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