Heart stolen

It is about a girl who is called Lexy. She get a message from an unknown person. Then she discovers that it is her long no see cousin Louis! Inspite her family problem she goes to live with Louis. Will she fall in love again? Or will stay single once and forever? Would Harry and Louis break their bromance for her? Would zayn be crazy by her?


1. Who is it!?

IIt was in the middle of the night, when my mobile rang. Seriously who calls this time? I just yawned and answered the phone. Nobody answers..... Seriously?! I was over exhausted and my eyes would explode any second. Let me tell u more about my life, iam Lexy and I love to be serious, and cool. My parents divorced and iam with my bother jake. I almost felt a sleep.


     It was early in the morning, and a new message in my mobile. The same number... If it is a joke I swear iam gonna kick their asses. I mummred as I stood from my bed and head over  the mobile. OMG IT IS MY COUSIN LOUIS!!! I was so over exited about him!! He is the best mate ever!! "Hi carrot prince would u tell me why did u messages me and called me?!"

"we'll helooooooo my cousin! Did u miss me?" He asks. "No" u said scartically.






is it nice till now?

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