Meh this is a story for ermmm the young movellist of the year competition ermm... advice welcomed, yea just a little warning - it's violent, well its going to get MORE violent... YAY for violence hehe hope you like it, if you do it'd be great if you could like, thanks and hope you have a great day <3


1. prologue

His body slumped to the floor in front of me, blood pulsing from his right hip, I blankly stared at him in return, feeling numbness creep up my soul. I didn’t scream helplessly, for I knew it was my fault, and I accepted full responsibility, for some reason I didn’t mind being this monster. His eyes rolled up to my face, and he stared me in the eyes pleadingly. I simply repaid him with some words 'Just think of this as a favour from me that you got to escape this hopeless place, you're welcome.' I wasn’t one for sympathy so I just turned and walked away from the man with tears rolling down his cheeks...


I thought it was best to go back home for now, since storming out early this morning I had not contacted my father neither returning his calls nor returning home. He was tragic really. Living in the same cycle. He would go out drinking late afternoon, come back late, abusive and aggressive. Then he would wake up in the morning all apologetic, realise I wasn’t going to forgive him, then start feeling sorry for his own useless self. Then repeat. And repeat, and it kept repeating until today. Today. The day I found the note. The note containing everything about myself. Maybe I’m just strange like that, since I never really considered how people might see me, when they look at me, or how I see myself. One thing I always knew- I was different. Not like socially awkward different but painless different. I remember the first time I considered this thought, when I was little when I fell from the slide, from the very top because I thought it'd be fun. I was fine, nothing hurt, I felt no pain, but all the teachers at the time came running toward me thoroughly checking if I was fine. Similar events happened and I felt not even a dol of pain. But that note, it opened up whole new world for me. An emotionless, bloodthirsty world, where killing is like a drug...

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