Meh this is a story for ermmm the young movellist of the year competition ermm... advice welcomed, yea just a little warning - it's violent, well its going to get MORE violent... YAY for violence hehe hope you like it, if you do it'd be great if you could like, thanks and hope you have a great day <3


2. Monster

I snuck up the creaky stairs as quietly as possible, so not to wake the beast which I once called my father. Although I barely made a noise the man must have been either in a light sleep or not asleep at all because I heard him shout my name in a loud growl, or maybe more of a roar, followed by loud, stomping footsteps. Not caring about noise by now, I flew up the stairs and slammed the door shut, just as he opened his. He grabbed the handle of my door whilst I swiftly barricaded it, exactly how I had planned. You see, I knew this guy well enough by now to predict that he would be furious about my day-long disappearance, and most likely staying awake to hear me come through the door. After all, without me he would be lost, not having anyone to blame his mistakes on. So I had expertly planned out my protection, from the pieces of furniture to barricade the door to the escape route- I knew I would be leaving tonight. I had my tatty old suitcase ready, but only half packed. I began to throw all my clothes that fit me, although not many, into the small suitcase. A few sentimental items of my mother came with me as well, along with food and bottles of water. I stared out of the cracked window to find it was raining heavily. I carefully dressed into my warmest clothing, packed a thick blanket, and grabbed my umbrella before opening the window. I gazed down at the concrete floor, roughly judging how far it was to jump. It seemed further away than before. By now I knew I wasn’t going to land it without breaking a few bones. At that moment I heard my dad had go back into his 'lair', this meant I had to make a run for it. I cautiously turned the door handle, and took my first step out of my room. I knew I wasn’t going to make it by stealth, my only hope being speed. So, without another thought I began to run. I ran down the stairs, tripping numerous times, hearing him shouting my name repeatedly, I finally went to fling down the handle, but it was locked...


I turned to the stairs, only to see 'him' standing at the top of the stairs, with a small smirk on his aging face. I rushed into the living room and into the kitchen to try the back door. Locked. All the windows, locked. Panic began to set in as I scavenged around like a lost cat, looking for either an exit or keys. By now, I simply knew they had to be in the living room, so I hesitantly went back in, only to find that monster calmly sitting on one of the ripped sofas. Tears of fear began rolling down my blotchy face. I was losing control of my self, any reasoning was lost, which made me try to run past him. He easily reached out, grabbing my scarred arm, and flung me onto the sofa in place of him. My head whacked hard against the side of the sofa. I felt nothing. He grabbed hold of my hair and pulled back sharply he stared at me in disgust before finally whispering,

' You worthless, selfish child, you deserve to die.'

It felt like my blood was boiling, like the feeling before I coldly murdered that other man in the streets, so I patiently replied,

'Maybe I do deserve to die, but I can only blame you for that, you useless lying monster, but trust me, I’m not going yet!'

'Oh we'll see about that,' Is all he could say back, but I could tell by the way his face grew an angry shade of red that it had affected him. Still keeping hold of my hair, he dragged my screaming and thrashing body up the stairs, before finally throwing me into his room. Now I was trembling. Who knows whether I just couldn’t feel pain but I could feel other things, but today I wasn’t planning to find out today. So he finally came drunkenly stumbling up to me with an evil grin on his face. My blood felt like it was boiling, like before I kill ed that man in the streets. He was close to me now, close enough to smell his breath of alcohol, that made me want to throw up. A quiet sinister laugh crept from his lips as he leaned towards me, and I just screamed. Not a scared scream, more of an angry scream. I didn’t know why I did that, or I was still doing it for that matter but when I finally concentrated on what was happening I saw his limp body fly across the room, both his arms flinging off in different directions, blood staining everything...

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