Highschool Love

Jess is a girl who is in Year 11, studying music with her longtime crush, Chloe.
Chloe has liked Jess for at least a year now.
They have a band project they need to complete,
What will happen in the next few months
Jess, Chloe, Maisie, Elly, Ash, George, John, Sam, Dan, Jake, Lucy and the others are secondary.


1. First project.

Jess's P.O.V

Another morning. Another day of shit school. Six hours of pain. But the only thing keeping me going to school was one special person. And that person was Chloe. She was amazing. The looks, the intelligence and the humour. All the things about her is what's driving me insane.

Walking was nothing, It only takes me about ten minutes just to get there, but I decided I would walk with my friends today. I met up with Megan, George, Elly and Alex. All of them were my friends since childhood. They were my best friends.

We arrived just when the bell went, some of us had strict teachers so we had to run to tutor.

'' Hey john.'' I greeted my nerdy friend, he was the only one I could do video games with. I took a seat next to him. I looked at the the computer's screen and saw he was playing mortal kombat again.........

'' Hey Jess.'' He said back.''How's your folks?'' He asked.

'' They're fine. By the way, they're making a cake for your birthday'' I smiled.

'' YES I FUCKING LOVE CAKES.'' He grinned.'' Tell them I said many thanks.''

George came up behind me and smacked my head. It stung but the pain faded quickly.'' Hey what was that for?''

'' Make your move girl! She's right there!'' I whispered slash shouted. I turned my head and saw Chloe starring at me. I blushed and looked away. George laughed.'' Come on man, grow some balls and just ask her out.''

Right now one of my junior friends were now walking up to me.'' Hey Jess........... You wanna go out with me on sunday? Imean it's not a date or anything......... I mean you an even bring this dickhead with us if you want.'' She pointed at George. Keeley and George were cousins...... Very weird cousins.

''No thanks Keeley, but I'm hanging out with George.'' I smiled, she smiled back. She walked away, disappointed. ''So another crusher............'' I sighed, I had so many crushers I could hardly count. Since I came out to everyone that I was Bi, one by one girls was hitting on me everyday. I was getting tired.

'' Rejected.'' George sighed. He grinned and grabbed my head, and forced it to turn to Chloe. She had a letter in her hand. Just then she walked up to me and handed it to me.

'' Here it's a birthday party invitation from me. It's a pretty big party so try not to miss it.'' She hugged me afterwards. 

'' Thanks.'' I said. And hugged her back.


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