Middle School



          I was very curious to where Ryan had gone. I wasn't sure, maybe he did go down to the office as Mr. Williams so kindly suggested. I didn't know, but I did feel sympathy for him. In middle school, especially this one, if you ever make a scene like that you are scarred. News spreads like wildfire, and he will forever be known as the lunatic with anger issues. My P.E. teacher ,Mr. Gutierrez took  the class to the gym to ay some hardcore dodgeball. Apparently I ha been one of the best girls there, because I was chosen to be in the top six. Anyway Mr. Gutierrez divided everyone into 2 equal co-Ed teams. Luckily I was on the team  with better players, we were bound to win. Then we lined up against the wall, and he blew the whistle. 
         My whole team charged for the balls screaming, and it was on. I got one of the smaller dodge balls and threw it at one of the more vulnerable players on the other team. Unfortunately I missed. Then on of the stronger boys threw a dodgeball, and it barely grazed my skin. Then I heard the whistle blow
"OUT!" Mr. Gutierrez yelled.
I slowly walked to the losers bench and sat down. By the time I was I noticed most of the people were already out except two. A girl named Melissa, and one of my best friends Raymar. Raymar is gay, but he pretty strong. Where as a stereotypical gay guy would be weak and fragile. Melissa on the other hand was such a girl. She was able to dodge all the balls. Matrix! But then it was just to much for her, and a ball hit her leg. She was out, and now it was just Raymar. He was moving this way and around the balls. He was on fire. Then, Sam, on of the ignorant 8th graders sent a ball flying towards Raymar's face and BAM! His glasses went flying off. I was in shock for a couple of seconds, but then put myself together and rushed to my friend in need.

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