Middle School


4. Suckerpunch

          I was walking towards Ryan ready to tell him everything. I was so happy, but I knew if he was ever going to see me as anything else it would be as if I were another option, a safety net.
"Ryan, ummm she and Edie are kind of together already." I saw a glint of sadness cross his face, but that instantly turned into anger. 
" Fuck him, Fuck Edie! He doesn't value Ashley like I do he's just trying to make Marisol jealous !" 
"Ryan calm down! Even if he is don't interfere." He walked away angrily, and was heading towards Edie.

           Without thinking I got in front of Ryan and hugged him. Ryan and I weren't that close, but if I were to be included in all his life then a bond was forming. 
"Thanks Miss President, but I have got to do this"He then wrapped his arms around me for 5 more seconds and walked to Edie.    I stood there starstruck, but when I turned around I saw Edie on the ground bleeding from his nose. Ashley was next to him on the ground "pretending" to be hurt by this. In truth I think Ashley only went out with him because he asked. She still had feelings for Ryan. I just watched in shock from the basketball court next to the one they were in. Just then Mr. Williams, one of the P.E. teachers came out came out yelling. By the way he likes to cuss a lot. 

"What the hell is going on here! You want to be making trouble you can get your silly ass down to the office!" Everybody was now looking at Ryan. 
With embarrassment he ran away. I wanted to chase after him, but thought that would come off to clingy. So as I watched him run away his pride was left in broken pieces behind him.


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