Middle School


7. Girl down

       I trudged down to the office not knowing was awaiting me there. As I was walking down I saw Mr. Piumarta my math teacher standing in his room with the door closed making a strange face. It looked like he was having a stroke. But then Josie, one of my friends stood up from where he was standing. As I got closer I saw that Mr. Piumarta had his pants down, including his boxers. I turned around blushing, but at the same time not knowing what had just happened or wether to report it. Was it rape, sexual assault, bribe for a better grade who knew. But all I did know was that the middle school slut just gave my math teacher a blow job. I hid behind a near by pillar. I looked back at Josie. She seemed to be quite happy, and with a perverted smile on his face so was Mr. P. Josie then kissed Mr. Piumarta, and walked out of his room.
         I thought about everything I had just seen. If I told the school board would they believe me? 
"Oh my god... Ahhh this isn't good." Josie walked passed me, and waved.
        I gave her a fake smile and waved back. I had to calm down and thought about the situation for a bit.
"Ok think Val if you tell they both may find out. Josie will hate you, and Mr. Piumarta may downgrade you. That is if he still has his job. I will just mind my own business." I've dealt with loads of crap from teachers, but this wasn't going to be one piece of that crap.
           I walked into the office and the first thing I saw was pumpkins, fall leaves, and scarecrows. Then I turned and saw Ryan. My face lit up. 
"Hey." I said.
"Hey. What are you doing here?"
"Well lets just say don't smack someone right in the face in front of a teacher." He laughed.
"Listen about asking Ashley I am really sorry. I shouldn't have punched Edie, but that motherfucker deserved it." I didn't know wether to feel sorry for Ryan, or be mad at him.
            In all honesty no one was really hurt by this,  except Edie. Or was it because he knew I had feelings for him?
"I didn't get hurt, but you might."
       Ryan looked down at the ground. He looked dazed, but that was the first time I think he let somebody in, and put that armor down.


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