Middle School


2. Favors

           Days had gone by. Danielle and I had not talked about Kings Got Talent at all. Today I saw her at P.E. I cheerfully walked over to her and said,

" what's up." She was with her friend Kimberly, who I had not known that well, but you could say we were friends.

" Hey so do you know what we' re going to do for P.E.?" There was a long pause before she answered.

" Fitness lab probably." Danielle said nonchalantly.

Ryan walked up to the 3 of us, suddenly my palms got sweaty.

"Hey miss president. Can I talk to you for a sec?" I got a little nervous.

         What did he want with me. This little unpopular 7th grade president nobody? I had no idea but I coolly said yah sure. So he grabbed my hand and took me to a small private corner near the boys locker room. I got a little worried because what if he got grossed out by my sweaty palms?

"Ryan, what's up?"

"Well, I need a small favor."

"Why don't you ask Ashley I am sure she would be glad to help you considering she wants to fuck you." I don't know why I suddenly said that.

Jealousy just kind of took over me. Pretending he didn't here that he said

"Actually it's about her."


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