Middle School


1. Curtain Call

Middle School Chapter 1: Curtain Call
Raychel called out my name, but I just kept walking and ignoring her every word. But all this time she knew. I mean I guess in her eyes she was protecting me from the sick truth. Would he ever really love me though, probably. As long as I still had hope that he would

Present Day 

"Hey Val, did you do the English homework?"

" ummm... Sort of I need the last question."

" Uhhh... Okay. Hey so I need to tell you something."

" Is it about your asshole of a boyfriend Ryan?" Ashley was in love with him.

      She was so full of it and him. He didn't love her though, maybe just a crush but never love. I did mean it when I said he was an asshole, but well you could say I did sort of like him. I was just confused about the whole concept of Ryan. Almost all the girls wanted him and only him. But was I about to embark on this girl obsession. 

" Duh who else," Ashley replied " and he is not my boyfriend, not yet anyway."

"Ohh god kill me now. So what did you need to tell me Ash?"

" Well yesterday Ryan was sitting at his table in history, and Bishop was trying to talk to him, but he wasn't paying attention because he was staring at me all period." I couldn't help but feel a little jealousy.

And although I knew this was probably a lie, a part of me still believed it. Later that day I was walking to class and Jane the icky rude bitch came by and asked if I could carry her project to the next class. Even though I hate her, I still said yes. I just can't say no. (Don't think wrong) So as I was walking down the stairs with a clay mess of a project Ryan walked by and started snickering. Suddenly I felt self conscious, but then that suddenly disappeared when I looked at the ugly project in front of me. "Oh this isn't mine." " I wasn't laughing because of the project, I was laughing because I thought you were going to fall." Like I said major ass. But something about him was just so huhh. I must sound so girly right now. 

        The next day was the day of our annual school talent show. As 7th grade president, and member of the school council (leadership) I have a duty to help and blah blah blah. I am 7 th grade president but I don't really have authority. Anyway during 

the show I hung out with one of my best friends Danielle. She is such a cool person, and you can just genuinely talk to her.

Behind the big black curtain was where we were sitting. Someone was singing but I wasn't really paying attention to who.

Randomly she put her hand just a little to high on my thigh. For a second I freaked. So I playfully flicked her hand. And she flicked mine back. I didn't want to make such a big spectacle of it, after all who knew what it really meant. I just didn't want to lose her

because I was kind of alone in this big old middle school. So after that day we just never mentioned it.

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