Middle School


3. Ashley

           So there I was with one of the hottest boys at this school. There we were talking about some other girl.
" I need to ask you something, but it's about Ashley" I couldn't help but let out a little whine, but instead I just pinched myself. 

"What about her?" I was wondering if you could, maybe get me a date with her."Until then I hadn't realized that I maybe in love

with this boy.

It felt like his words were stabbing me right in the back.

" Umm... W-why can't you just ask her yourself she will definitely say yes, trust me. She's so crazy about you."

" It's just everytime I try I just chicken out, and I see you always 
hanging out with her. Please?" Just as I was about to walk away he grabbed my hand and held it tight against his chest.
" Please do this favor for me." I looked in his dark brown eyes, and felt his heart racing just like mine was.
" Oh alright" YES!" Ryan said excitedly.
     Immediately I felt the regret. Why did I say yes to getting my crush and friend together. I walked away from him gloomy and jealous. If I was going to do this for Ryan I might as well get it over with. I ran over to Ashley who was talking to Edie, one of he friends. 
"Hey Ash can I talk to you it's about Ryan."
" Go ahead Edie knows everything." 
Alright well Ryan wants to go out with" I said with no enthusiasm whatsoever.
   Ashley looked at Edie, then at me, and finally Ryan.

"Wellllll heres the thing me and Edie are kind of going out already." My heart selfishly jumped with joy. 

I gave her a big smile, and she looked confused. I simply walked away, and went back to Ryan who was all the way across the field.


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