The Alien Files

The files on different aliens from Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures


3. Slitheen-Blathereen


they are worst then you think

they are criminals and they can deceive

they seemed to be nice and noble

but all of this was just a game

the plant they gave as a gift

to Sarah Jane Smith

was a deadly plant

that could make the entire human race extinct

even Luke, who couldn’t get ill

turned out to be infected by it


and all of this from greed

they wanted to be rich and wealthy

the wanted to turn Earth

into their own Rakweed fields

and make their stomach full

with the Rakweed leaves

they were addicted

but that doesn’t explain

they could do harm to other race


and they paid the price for their crimes

Sarah Jane made sure of that

she defeated them

with high frequency sound

and they exploded

splashing their guts

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