I want you, only you

"Come back to me." "..." "Just come back to me, this time I'll be the one to pick up the pieces." His eyes, his lips, his hands; every part of him begged.

Falling in love with your British 20 year old math teacher is not really that hard after all. But, this is one that SURVIVES. Through everything and the betrayals of family members/relatives of so-called-best-friends.


3. 3

He was just... Different.


The bell rang and we headed for 4th period. Gaber walked me to my class (even though it meant that he would be late to his class) making little conversation. When we reached the door I turned around and looked at him.

"Well..." I said. He just blushed and smiled. He was so cute when he blushed! He looked down, making his eyelashes go down, too.

"See you in 6th period." I said.

"Going to be endless three periods without you. Can't wait until they're over." He said.

"You know you shouldn't addict yourself to me. " I suggested.

"Yes, I know that very well. But girl I'm in love with you..." he said singing the last part. I giggled. I tiptoed and kissed his cheek. That left both of us happy and blushing until 7th period when we met each other again.

4th period P.E. passed. Then we watched Tarzan for 5th period Orchestra. Yes! teachers still make students watch that movie. Then sixth period social studies passed. Then... 7th period came as a surprise.

We were still smiling at each other or more like blushing. He came close to me, inches away. He looked down at me, (his was tall) making his eyelashes look pretty. He was eager to get his hand on my hand. He itched his finger on my palm making me want to grab and hold his hand more. How weird huh? We can't even hold each others hand. We were outside by the back door of the classroom so no one saw us. We started walking to the classroom, but he stopped me.

"Promise me no matter what you'll never leave me, and will always love me?" he asked with a high-pitched voice that declared he couldn't even say the words of me leaving him. And somehow there was pain of love in his eyes. I smiled and let out a sight.

"That was all?" I asked.

"Yea..." he said. I smiled.

"I promise." I said, hugging him.

He let out a sight and hugged me in comfort. He was a great hugger. He kissed me; I kissed him back. It seemed as if it got out of control and he pushed me to the wall. One of his hands were on my waist, the other one playing around in my neck and hair. He kissed me hard pushing me to the wall and leaving me no escape. But, I wasn't scared of him. I would never be. He was just... Different. Definition: Not the same as another jerk. Every boy was a jerk.

He smiled and gave a little laugh of joy. I played with his hair and kissed his ear and neck. We were both hot and sweaty, it made the moment perfect. The bell rang loudly and ruined our moment we would remember for the rest of our lives. I smiled; he smiled. We walked for the classroom in a hurry.

-What I didn't know was that every step I took towards my science class would change my life forever.

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