I want you, only you

"Come back to me." "..." "Just come back to me, this time I'll be the one to pick up the pieces." His eyes, his lips, his hands; every part of him begged.

Falling in love with your British 20 year old math teacher is not really that hard after all. But, this is one that SURVIVES. Through everything and the betrayals of family members/relatives of so-called-best-friends.


2. 2

I'm the kind who nods, hums, taps her feet in the floor, rolls her eyes, acts like she's cool, walks her way, and no one can say anything about it.

I'm the one who blushes.


The periods passed along endlessly. Gaber did realize this and he tried to make it the best for me whenever I had him in my classes. 1st period English passed with our old male science teacher (who should be retiring) talking blah, blah, blah. Second period math passed with a strict teacher. Then third period came and it seems that my friends had a schedule change, so Gaber sat next to me in the back of the classroom. I smiled and he smiled. We just hoped the teacher wouldn't assign new seats. Well, in fact this teacher was actually a nice and fun one. We were laughing our butts off by the time the bell rang. Gaber and I were still laughing when we were in the lockers to get our lunch. Gaber's locker was next to mine. When Gaber was done he leaned by his locker and waited for me... Or else watched me. I couldn't help but blush because I was having trouble with the mirror somehow getting stuck with my back pack. He was trying to hide his laugh. I rolled my eyes.

He gently took my hand and removed the mirror from my purse. I blushed even more. Our friends were already in the Back so we went there. No matter how much he always begged me to eat alone I never accepted. Even if I wanted, too...

I sat in my space in the floor leaning my back to the wall and Gaber always sat next to me even if there was no wall behind him to rest his back on. Gaber always made our Little Big Group fun. He is the joker... And the creeper...

"Hey! Do you guys want to hear the story of the Three Stupid Boys?" Gaber asked.

"Yea!" "Go ahead lets here!" "Haha" The jerks yelled with their mouths full.

"So, once upon a time in a far, far away land. There were three stupid kids. They had to swim across the ocean to get to the mainland; since they were on a island." Gaber used his mysterious/funny and scary tone. He would do great for being a narrator.

I listened and watched him with care as I was eating my Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Alright, I may have been looking at his perfect and so cute face. But, what can I do? He looked at me and smiled and I blushed. But, once I got the joke I laughed my butt off. Like always.

"So the first stupid boy swims a little, but then drowns. Then, the second boy swims, but he gets eaten by a shark. So, then the third boy swims and he's right there... But, he gets tired and swims back." He finishes. It was quiet for a second while he looked around and I looked at him and then everyone burst in a mountain of laughter.

-He looks at me; I look at him.


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