Ideas For Stories

Ok, so I thought of writing down sneak peeks of stories, worthless ideas, new characters, in here. Yeah, just random ideas so... I genred it non-fiction, because this is me thinking, in real life.


1. Horror: Bully

This is an idea I had a while ago.

Gold is a bullied teenage girl. She turns to a website, designed to help victims of bullying. Her biggest friend on the website goes under the name of "AbandonedSoul82", and constantly tells Gold that it will only get better, and that the bullies have to stop at some time. A few weeks after her joining the website, Gold arrives at her school and is confronted by the news that the group of girls who have been harrasing her have been found dead, in their bedrooms. Thus begins a huge outbreak of international murders. Someone is picking off bullies, And only Gold knows who.

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