High School With Harry Styles

What Would You Do If You Started A New School And In That Certain School Were The Boy Your Best Friend Has Two Thousand Posters On Her Wall Of And Has The Biggest Crush On The World On . Well That's What Sophie Has To Deal With And That One Certain Boy Seems To Have A Crush On Her, But What One?


1. Introduction

Harry's POV

I walk down to my locker and see a girl beside it, "Hi" I Say. "Oh hey" She sighs and walks away, Sighs People These Days I Sigh as i walk away.

Sophie's POV

Wait I think as i walk away, Isn't that that boy from Ashley's Poster, Whats his name again Larry Miles....Wait No Harry Styles.

Why's he at this school doesn't he go to like a boarding school?

Oh well, I Sigh as I walk down to English 

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