High School With Harry Styles

What Would You Do If You Started A New School And In That Certain School Were The Boy Your Best Friend Has Two Thousand Posters On Her Wall Of And Has The Biggest Crush On The World On . Well That's What Sophie Has To Deal With And That One Certain Boy Seems To Have A Crush On Her, But What One?


3. Chapter 2- Love At First Sight

Harry's POV 

I Walk Home By Myself When I get  a text from Niall "Hows School? Any Cute Girls ;)" I Laugh Oh Niall. I Text back " No... Well There Is this one girl, but I think she think's I'm a Jerk" He Doesn't text back, Probably eating. As I Walk down the street I Look up and see the girl from school and i actually see her face, Wow shes beautiful. She looks down and I jet down the street, I must talk to her in the morning she's so Pretty and then i see how dumb I sound even in my head.

I Walk through the front door and see my mum at the table with her friend Patrica, "Oh Harry How Was School? Mum Asks, I don't Want to worry her so I just say "Oh Great, Hi Patrica!" "Oh Hello Harry As Curly as usual," We both laugh."Skye's In The living room" Oh No Skye Patrica's daughter how has a BIG Crush on me, Just Great."Oh Its Okay I'll Make Dinner!" Mum Gives me a look like "Just Go Harry!" So I Go to the living room and there's Skye. Long Blonde hair, long, thin just like a barbie doll Kinda fake and plastic but some guys go nuts for her. "Oh Harry!" She she says in a flirty way." Come Sit Down!" So I sit down and she's about to sit on my knee when I tell her not too."Oh Come On Harry, We Could Be Perfect!" She Kisses Me. "Skye! You know I don't like you like that!" " Oh Come On Or I'll Tell your secret," She Sneers,Oh No I Didn't tell her... did I? "Oh and I do know about you getting drunk," Oh No! "So Its me or your little secret goes," "FINE!" I scream. Oh no what have I let myself in for?

Sophie's POV 

Who Was that? Was it that Harry Styles, Why was he looking at me did I do something weird or something? Wait why do I care what he thinks he's just a pampered celebrity soooo not my type. Wait why am I Thinking about him do I like him.... Wait I don't like him? Do I? Oh no I'm Falling for him." Just Stop thinking about him and concentrate on your homework !" My Mind Screams at me. I finish my homework and put it in my bag. I Lie down on my bed and still i'm Thinking of him That's It it's true I like him and anyway why would a celebrity like me. I Sigh and have a very very early night.



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