High School With Harry Styles

What Would You Do If You Started A New School And In That Certain School Were The Boy Your Best Friend Has Two Thousand Posters On Her Wall Of And Has The Biggest Crush On The World On . Well That's What Sophie Has To Deal With And That One Certain Boy Seems To Have A Crush On Her, But What One?


2. Chapter 1- The TroubleMaker

Harry's POV

Another school another bunch or girls throwing themselves at me, Why don't people just treat me normal like other guys what makes me so special....Oh Right One direction. Why can't people just treat me like that girl did, Treat me like a nobody someone no one knows. Well I Guess Ill have to live with it.


I Sigh as i walk into Maths, Well If people are going to treat me different ill act different. I Stick my Feet up on the desk and see that girl she has one of those looks that is like "Who do you think you are ?" So I Put my feet down, The girl next to me is staring at me, I Look round "Amm.. Are you okay?" I Say. "Your You.. HARRY STYLES!". That's When it all starts the whole class explodes, People asking me to sing, to sign their tops, Everthing. Except as i notice the girl shes just sitting there staring at me then she gets up and leaves, Who Is she?

Sophie's POV 

Whats the big deal about him, Wow he's on TV and he's in a giant boy band big whoop. I Stand up grab my books and leave I can't be bothered so I Head home early because that was my last lesson.

When I Get home mum and dad are making dinner "Wow Honey,your early?" She says surprised and who can blame her I'm a whole Hour early,"Yeah a celebrity started at our school and.... Well lets just say it got a bit out of hand."

"Oh Dear What Celebrity?" "Harry Styles, He's Such a jerk he had his feet up on the desk and everthing he's so full of himself!" I Sigh frustrated. "Oh Sweetie Don't let it annoy you they'll probably just Bring him to another school if he's this much trouble,"

"I Guess so anyway I'm going up to my room to do homework," 

"Okay just don't disturbed Your Sister Ruby she just broke up with Jake so she's not very happy," 

"Okay I'll Try not to," I Say as I walk up the stairs.

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