The Unimaginables with Zayn Malik

You request. I write. That simple.


2. Sample - Tattoo Parlor

I was nervously waiting on the little bench next to the cash register. There was only one tattoo artist available, so I would have to wait. "Hon? You sure you want a tat?" The cashier asked. I simply nodded my head and smiled. She frowned and then said, "Follow me." I stood up and followed her to the back of the parlor where the tattoo artist was working. He was designing a bold black, red, and yellow "ZAP" tattoo on the customer's arm. The customer looked young, maybe about my age. When he looked up and found me looking at him, he smiled. "Hey," he said softly. "Hi," I replied. The cashier interrupted in-between us, "Tell her, Zayn. She shouldn't get a tattoo." The boy, whom I assumed to be "Zayn", looked up again and smiled, "You want a tattoo?" "Well... Why not?" I asked. He smirked and then turned back to the cashier lady who was standing next to me, "I think she can get a tat. And she's right. Why not?" The cashier scoffed and rolled her eyes before leaving. Zayn, who just got his tattoo done, asked as he stood up, "Getting your first tat?" I smiled at him as I nervously nodded my head. "You want me to hold your hand?" I simply blushed before nodding my head again.
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