Love in a Package

Ashalee was in love. Everything seemed to be perfect but she decided, that instead of venturing with that love to places far, she had said no denying that love. Harry Styles, didn't expect to see the girl who broke his heart ever again, let alone have her working with him co-hosting a radio show. But she's back in his life again. She's with someone else. But Harry still desires her, his flames never died, he sends his love. First in a letter, then it turns into something more.


5. When I Haven't

Harry's POV

I waited in the break room. I don't know, for someone to come and tell me this is a dream. For a magical shimmering light to descend upon me and clear my head. For a guy with a microphone and perfectly arranged hair to yell,

"You just got punk'd!"

But it didn't happen. I sat there starring at what was supposed to be my lunch. Fish n' chips, but honestly the chips weren't good anymore. I had bought them from this tiny place a few blocks away and I could eat them forever, but me just sitting here thinking let them get cold and you can't  really reheat chips and expect them to be any good.

Ashalee came into the break room and slumped in the chair across from me. She sighed and sunk farther into the chair until she looked nothing more than a tired blob.

"Hey," she began.

"Hi." I actually responded this time.

"Your hair, you cut it."

I reach and hand up securing a few hairs that had gone astray, "Yeah, I cut it. I couldn't be a mop forever."

She lowly chuckled under her breath and sighed. Her sigh was a combination of everything I was feeling.Tthe awkward surprise we both shared.

"How is find someone?"

She was referring to if I had a girlfriend. Why would she bring that up? Unless she wanted me back?

"Uh, I have a girl." I say sounding like an idiot. "Her name is Gigi."

Da fuq?

Gigi, really Harry, your best friend (besides the lads of course). The girl who had a thing for other girls, who doesn't like guys. Gigi, the one who had just left and wanted to make Ashalee jealous with and just said her name. That same Gigi? Gigi would fucking kill me.

"Isn't that the radio host I replaced in the swap?"

I nodded. Ashalee sucked in air through her teeth, "Wow. When I woke up this morning I didn't ask for a side of awkward ex boyfriend encounter."

I laughed, it wasn't real but it would do for now. She called me her ex, ex means past.

"The new girlfriend and the used girlfriend."

I quickly jolted up, "It's not like that!" I blurted.

"I'm only teasing, you've lost your cool Styles."

I didn't know how to respond so I just shrugged. "Why do you ask if I had a girl?" I tried to sound like I didn't care but I was dying to know on the inside. My heart craved her answer.

"I've moved on and I was just hoping you did too."


"What's his name?"

"Austin." She said dreamily. As if he could hear his name being called her phone began to ring and I peeked onto the screen "Austin <3" clearly labeled on the screen.

She eagerly answered, "Hi baby," she slid from her chair stealing away one of my chips and shuddering realizing it didn't taste so good because it was cold. I could hear a male's voice coming from the device. She went a hung in the doorframe cooing at him.

If Ashalee has moved on, why haven't I? I know why, because I don't want to.


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