Love in a Package

Ashalee was in love. Everything seemed to be perfect but she decided, that instead of venturing with that love to places far, she had said no denying that love. Harry Styles, didn't expect to see the girl who broke his heart ever again, let alone have her working with him co-hosting a radio show. But she's back in his life again. She's with someone else. But Harry still desires her, his flames never died, he sends his love. First in a letter, then it turns into something more.


1. Scary Rides

Ashalee's POV

I turned towards Austin as the cart made it's way to the top. The metallic sound of the rollercoaster scraping against the metal track ringing through my ears.

"I can't believe you made me do this." I shirked. Hands desperately holding onto the automatic restraints. I jiggled them making sure they were secure. I know that nobody had ever gotten hurt on this ride but for some reason I felt like I would be the exception. My eyes shut as the coaster came closer and closer to the pending drop.

"Babe, open your eyes the fun hasn't even begun!" Austin hollered over the screeching metal. I shook my head and sunk farther into my seat, the restraint locked over my shoulders not seeming to be enough. My stomach dropped as the coaster stopped. I opened my eyes, the ride had come to a halt and we were just over the edge of the drop.

I turned to look at Austin, it was a bit of a challenge, straining my neck in the restraints holding me back. I swung me feet, dangling. "Austin, what happened?" I asked.

He only gave me this look, a gleam in his eye, his stunning brown eyes held me captive as his mouth moved.


The ride went down, I looked down at the people standing on the ground and all I could manage to think about was how safe it looked down there. My eyes began to tear up at the speed of the coaster zooming around in a loop. Austin screaming with joy, my screams laced with terror.

As we came off from the ride Austin's face had become playful and childlike. "How was that?" He smirked.

I shook my head walking away from him. He knew that would upset me yet he dragged me on anyway. He jogged to catch up to me. I he grabbed my shoulder, but I shoved him away.

"Babe?" He questioned.

I turned around and punched him in the chest.

Austin rubbed over the area before pulling me into a hug.

"You knew I would be scared." I mumbled into his chest. I took awhile to catch my breath, I snapped just a little. Austin only meant to have a good time. I just had to think logically.

"I'm sorry I thought it would be fun." He apologized.

I attempted to calm down looking up at him. Those dark chocolate eyes always hypnotic. Black hair a bit rugged but still perfectly spiky in the right places and tame in others. I reached up and cupped his cheek rubbing my thumb over it. He leaned down and applied a kiss to my lips. I smiled in the kiss a little disappointed when he pulled back.

"When do you have to go?" Austin asked still clinging onto me.

I sighed. I was a radio host, actually a co-host on a music station called IPC Radio. Or by it's full name, International Pop Culture Radio. It's international because it had head quarters all over the world, and for some promotional thing me and some UK host are switching places for six months. I didn't want to go, but I either go or lose my job.

"In a few days." I buried my face in Austin's shirt. It smelled like him, he always smells like his shower gel, Irish Springs. God I loved that scent. He tilted my chin up to his face.

"How few?" He asked.

"Two days to be exact."

He gave me this look, the dimming sun giving way to a darker sky. His eyes looked even sadder.

"Don't worry babe." I smiled. He looked down at his shoes as I moved away from him. I felt so cold when I wasn't wrapped in him.

"I don't want you falling in love with some British chap and then leaving me alone." He mumbled.

He didn't need to worry, I already had, and look where I am now with him not with...Harry.

I didn't like it when Austin got all sad, it made me sad.

"Hey," I spoke up, Austin's face looked down on mine his shoulders relaxing with my voice. "why don't we get some popcorn or cotton candy before we leave."

Austin had insisted we come to this amusement park before I left. He made my heart melt, those eyes setting me on fire.

His voice regaining it's once playful attitude that I craved, "Or maybe, we could get popcorn and cotton candy!"

I felt his arm pull me closer and I gladly came back into him and laughed.

"Heck, I'll even throw in a soda too." Austin gushed.

"What are you trying to do? Fatten me up." I joked.

"Maybe," he replied.

We chuckled and made our way to one of the many food stands lingering in the lively lit amusement park.



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