Love in a Package

Ashalee was in love. Everything seemed to be perfect but she decided, that instead of venturing with that love to places far, she had said no denying that love. Harry Styles, didn't expect to see the girl who broke his heart ever again, let alone have her working with him co-hosting a radio show. But she's back in his life again. She's with someone else. But Harry still desires her, his flames never died, he sends his love. First in a letter, then it turns into something more.


8. Letter

Ashalee's POV

Harry called in sick today. I swear if he is avoiding me...he should be professional and just come to work. I had to have some guy in the tech room come and do the show with me. His name was Aubrey -which I guess can be a guy's name too- and he was really not good with doing stuff with a partner. He kept cutting me off and ruining the flow of things because he wanted to run the show. I kept rolling my eyes at him and huffing trying to show some form of irritation for him to notice but he just went right on with the show.

Damn, I really wanted to be anywhere but here today. Aubrey, you stole my thunder bitch. At least Harry and I shared it.

After both torturous shows I went into the break room and made myself some coffee. Everyone in there kind of looked at me funny, me drinking coffee while they all drank their fancy teas. I shrugged them off but have one girl a scowl when I heard her mumble,

"Yup, that's the yank. Only one drinkin' freakin' coffee round here."

She kind of jumped when we made eye contact and then darted her vision past me to the wall. Then her eyes went back to whoever she was with, a guy who just nodded in agreement.

Basically, today was rough. All I could think about was Austin, and him holding me. I wish he were here. Traffic sucked on the way to my place and I ended up yelling till my face was red at people my medicine obviously starting to loose it's affects on me. Good thing I was walking up the path to my door or I might have killed everyone around me.

I saw this brown box in front of the door. All it said was Harry on it in blue highlighter and a letter attached to the top.

I huffed picking it up not really in the mood for anything.

I just sucked air through my teeth and snatched the letter ripping it a bit. I peeled the tape from it.

Dear Ashalee.

(I can't even bare to call you Ash anymore...)

When I deliver this I will have been so drunk and like I am so drunk as I write this to you. I mean I just am so drunk that if I was sober I wouldn't even dare think of this. But every night I think of the time we had sex. I'm not a perv, actually most guys are...but Harry needs to get back on track. But I always think of when we had sex cuz it was like, when were connected the closest physically. We were closest mentally I think all the time. And that whole Ally shit, man that was some shit. It seems so silly now, because I can't fight for you now because you are with someone else now. Austin. I feel out of place. And sometimes I just want to kiss you, go back in time and make you say yes...

The letter goes on for a lot longer but it was slurred and messy. Much like a first grader. But in the letter it said he was drunk, but the last few lines stated:

I send you my love in a package.

Harry Styles xxxxxxxxxxxx

I wish I could kiss you for real again.

I opened the box and a red rose was sitting in there. A few petals lie separated and the rose was dying, obviously it didn't get any sun or water sitting in a box for God knows how long...but this was bad. This was really really bad.

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