Love in a Package

Ashalee was in love. Everything seemed to be perfect but she decided, that instead of venturing with that love to places far, she had said no denying that love. Harry Styles, didn't expect to see the girl who broke his heart ever again, let alone have her working with him co-hosting a radio show. But she's back in his life again. She's with someone else. But Harry still desires her, his flames never died, he sends his love. First in a letter, then it turns into something more.


2. Burnt Tongue

Harry's POV

I lay on my duvet desperately trying to figure out a way to find her. Ashalee York, the love of my life. I had been with many girls and tried other girls since the four years since I've seen her but it doesn't seem to compare. I just can't get her out of my head and I think I might explode.

I turn over and turn on the radio set neatly on my bedside table.

'The One that Got Away' by Katy Perry began to blare through the sound waves and into my brain. Bloody hell, well this was just ironic.

I turned it off and unplugged the radio, I can't have this right now.

I roll from the duvet shuffling to the kitchen and find a clean mug to make myself a cup of tea. I waited for the tea to finish and poured it from the kettle to my mug and watched as steam rose from it. The swirls of vapor catching my eye as they moved and changed into different patterns. I blew over the hot liquid and took a sip.

"Shit." I had burned my tongue, it was still freakin' hot.

I set down the mug watching the steam continued to rise up. I should of waited longer and tilted my head to the side as I straightened out my back waiting for it to cool.

I checked my phone for any messages. Liam had sent me an amusing text and I laughed racking my brain trying to find something clever to reply back to him besides a lame, 'haha' or 'LOL'.

I couldn't find anything and just settled for the dreaded, "haha'. and locked the screen back.

I went to my bathroom and turned on the shower tap. I stepped in taking a nice shower, cold. Sometimes when I think I like a cold shower instead of a warm one.

By the time I had dressed, gotten prepared for work, and tided up my room I came to the kitchen counter and glanced at the tea. It was still hot. Swirling steam still rose from it, how hot had I made it?

I put it in the fridge and planned to save it for later when I got home I could heat it up. The faint smell of the herb tea still lingered throughout the house as I opened the door and made my way to the real world.


I shuffled through the doors of IPC Radio UK. This really new and popular radio station and I got a job here when it first opened it's office in the UK because a friend of mine was all buddy-buddy with the president of the company. I got a job as one of the radio hosts in the morning. Then at like at four we come back and do an evening broadcast.

I wasn't looking forward to today, there was this American girl coming to take my partener's place. It was some promotional stunt to excite the listeners. I like my partner, it was a girl named Gigi, she was amazing. I didn't like her, she was a hardcore lesbian and every day after work her girlfriend would come and pick her up on he back of her motorcycle and they ride off into the streets laughing, kissing, being lovers. I would miss her sarcastic remarks, slick comments, and kind gestures. Gigi had to leave tomorrow and I would have to deal with some American. I was done with Americans, because my heart was torn out by one. Wait, I'm done in the love scene for awhile, it isn't just Americans who ruined my soul, but it was a girl. There are tons of girls but this one crawled too far under my skin.

I chuckled a bit when I saw Gigi wearing a t shirt that said, 'I don't want what boys got."

"Nice shirt Gigi," I commented.

She looked down at the top then looked back up at me, "It's true." She grinned.

I stopped smiling, Gigi's smile fading as well.

"I'm going to miss you Haz." She stated, "I don't want to go to America, with all those yanks. My girl is gonna miss me like crazy. I don't wanna leave her or you..."

I laughed a bit. "Yeah I know, I'm going to miss you so much when you leave."

All I had been dreading is when Gigi is gone. She was the only one I had confided in, other than the lads-Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn-about Ashalee.

I sat down in the chair I always sit in and began to put on my clunky headphones and Gigi did the same. The guys in the sound booth behind a window did a thumbs up and Gigi and I both recited at the same time,

"Good morning out there this is IPC Radio UK..."

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