The war of us

*Some cussing in this story*
After a large war between two groups of supernatural Miranda tell the story of her pack, and her fight to know the truth of her past life and a upcoming lover she doesn't really want.


1. Prelude

     In the state of Montana, our home. It had begun. We live in a village of seventy-five. Every year it seems to get smaller, and that's because it really does.

     Besides we live in an area practically in the middle of nowhere. Of my kind only five of us are left, fending to protect ourselves and the humans. Yes it's true, where we are from there is more than just humans, and regular animals. We are beast, but we are not the ones killing off the humans. One by one. Those are the vampires. Fifteen of them of them are left. Stupid things, I don't know why they don't go away yet. They are pissing us off enough. But's its probably about more than the blood of humans. We absolutely hate crossing paths with each other.

     If you haven't guessed yet, my people and I are werewolves. My name is Miranda, I live with my small pack. The only one not related to me is Jack. Then, we have my mother, Hannah, my sister, JoEllen, and my brother, Jordan. My mom has beautiful golden brown hair, and dimples in her cheeks, and nose. She is like a stupid toothpick, leading a bunch of werewolves. She could crack in half at any second. Jack is kind of an idiot, with brown hair, and is apparently, not my choice truthfully, but is my boyfriend. Jojo, that's what everyone calls her, has gold hair, and hazel eyes, and is as skinny as Hannah. Jordan, has chocolate brown hair, and trust me he's really annoying. Sometimes we have to growl at him to make him shut up.

     Me on the other hand, I'm nearly almost five foot four. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. And whichever one of us (not Hannah because she is actually human) phases first is the new alpha no doubt about it. I hope I phase first.

     The only near fifty humans left here shelter in their homes, rarely leaving. Only the the wizards and us can protect them, and there is only ten of us put together. I don't like those odds. It's so not fair. Stupid vampires crappy leech things. Therefore the wizards do their best to keep the vampires out of our fur, ha, ha!

     My people and the wizards are very greatful for one another and are all close like one big huge family. Whenever the time comes that we have to hunt we have to use bows and arrows along with daggers, because none of us can phase yet, besides the wizards watch our backs just incase a clumsy vampire is trying to stand in our way, or attack one of us. Yup when we smell them we try to attack, damn wizards always get them first though.

     To be honest me best friend is a wizard. His name is Sage. He's my age, has brown hair, brown eyes, and a tan body. Besides he's the smartest of them that I know.

     Merely three years ago about a thousand people had lived here, we were a small but wealthy village in more than one way. It all had ended that winter the vampires came in very thirsty for blood.

     Back then there were fifty of my people. My people and the wizards are truely very good friends. We tried to save as many people as possible. But we had lost many of our own kinds.

     At that we took what seemed to be about five hundred people into werewolf territory, waiting for them to leave. It was only until sunrise that we thought the humans would be safe enough to lead back home, we were wrong. They were very scared as far as hungry, weary and worriness could drag you along with it.

     After the leeches attacked there were only about fifteen of my people left. We got even more pissed off because they killed over half of the population of the village. Each year many have died including my people and the wizards. As more died, we became more vicous around the culvan of vampires, and seriously hell almost broke through each time we had seen them. We always want to attack, but the wizards always tell us not to, that it will cause another war.Well suck it because it might just happen. They can definetly get in the way, I'm really starting to get annoyed by it. But oh well I at least know my best friend is at least trying to protect me. And I can give him that.




     Hi my name is JoEllen, but everyone calls me Jojo. That's not the name I'd like to be called. I'd rather be named Viper, because I'm quick, and will clamp my teeth down and not let go for the life in me.

     But I'm mostly here to talk about the war, and the rather sexy human Trayton. Trayton has long, luscious butter cream brown hair, with new penny brown eyes, and... wait I should be writing something else.

     Three years ago more than five hundred people died, including my mother and father. See Miranda and I aren't really sisters. When it happened Hannah took me in, because of my parents death, see last year my brother died, thanks to the vampires.

     Luckily Hannah was friends with them, all because my parents were part of the pack.They brought me in, and raised me as her own. Everyone had accepted me, except for Jack. He kept thinking I was vampire or something. He always keeps a distance from me and always tries to get the pack to lean toward his side, but that hasn't really happened. He always tries to be right, and therefore he's wrong. On a scale from 1-10 on how smart he is I give him a zero. I have no idea in which of any case that Miranda would like him. He's a complete jerk, even though he treats Miranda like a fucking queen. On a scale from one to one hundred I also will give him a zero. She only likes him because he's not related to her.




Hello my name is Jack. If your wondering, yes, I read what that criminal JoEllen wrote. Yes, I am dating Miranda, and believe me I'm surprised I am. I'm surprised she is still even dating me. We have been dating for years and my heart has been stung so many times, but I guess it's uncontrollable. She was three when I met her, we became best friends, then Hannah the pack leader told me we were soul mates. I had believed her, and i still do to this day. Besides i would never trae her out for anything in the whole world.

Anyways, the whole pack, which isn't very many, are telling about the war, and what they saw in it, Or out of it. Also how we despise those people, well I guess they're not humans. They're creatures sort of like us but worse. They are vampires, besides I already have a mortal enemy, I don't need an immortal one too. Ugh, I hate JoEllen. We should have kicked her out of the pack a long time ago because both of her parents were human apparently. That's what Hannah tells everyone. I swear she's a vampire! I'm not exactly the one who has the facts, but I'm pretty sure I'm correct.

But anyways off of that topic. Our first war was about three years ago. Yet it was very brutal, we all lost some sort of friend or a family member. For me it was my mother and father that I had lost. Hannah lost her husband. He was the alpha and now she is; she was the alphas mate. But that's only temporary because she's only human. Meaning Miranda is half human half werewolf. Both Miranda and Jordan are, JoEllen isn't really their sister but everyone already knows that. It was such a blood bath, and truthfully I was terrified because none of us along with Hannah were aloud to help with them. They said we weren't ready yet. It's only because we hadn't turned yet, but one of us will here soon I can feel it I just don't know when.

The only reason I'm alive is because I wandered off, later Miranda found me and killed the vampire herself. Her mom made it to where she doesn't remember it, but I do. Perfectly.

Just reminds me how much I hate them.

          Hello I'm the leader of the pack, Hannah, even though I'm not actually a werewolf like the rest of the kids. I'm just a regular human being in this hell hole of a town. I have one son and originally one daughter. Jojo, she's what one would call adopted. Then you had Jack who just loved Miranda to death, I couldn't live with myself if he died. It would have broke her heart. Besides his parents had just died in front of him, along with my husband, who was a werewolf also. Since Luke died it's been my responsibility to take care of the pack.

         Like Jack had practically said, that war was a blood bath, no one was safe for the longest time ever. Until they decided to calm down. My son and daughter, when this happened were thirteen and fourteen. I still can't get all of those images out of my mind.

         Friends died. Associates died. Different families died. Blood everywhere. Those monsters licking it up off the ground as if they were licking a plate of syrup. I almost swore it was world war three but this time it was a true paranormal life instead of humans just fighting for whatever they had against each other. 

       My pack and the wizards all help to protect the humans. There is always someone on guard. It's usually the wizards though here lately because of me having to train the kids how to be a good alpha, especially Miranda. I think she will be the first to turn =, she's had so much going on it her life here lately. She needs to learn how to control it then have a social life with the rest of the pack later.

        I swear if the wizards would just kill those creatures that came into our lives we wouldn't need all this self protection crap. I wouldn't have to worry about one of my kids dying every time they go hunt. I would be calmer. Also if they left or were murdered our town would become normal again we could all live a life without fear behind every shadow.



       My name is Jordan. I live with my sisters, mom, and Jack. Yeah, that's the whole pack, and of course Miranda would make me the last to say anthing. In that case I don't need to say anything about any of them.

        I can't really remember anything about the war, even though it was only about three years ago, and no I didn't to forget it like I usually do everything else so quickly. It's because during the war a vampire got ahold of me, and took a bit over half of the amount of blood in my body. But hey he's the one who mistook me for a human. Kyle was the one who bit me, the little basterd. Now I have the weirdest disorders from it. We think it's from Jojo since she doesn't have they same blood type as us. I swear if that Kyle kid wasn't a vampire we probably could have been friends. To be honest Miranda used to have a crush on him. Can you say disgusting? But of course that was before she found out that he is a vampire. I thought it was sick. But of course the idiot mistaken me as human. Miranda says now that she hates him and doesn't like him. Liar!

Oh another thing that i remember happening was Jojo's mom and dad, when the vampires killed them. Her mom was human, and her father was a wolf like us. That's how our family is. They died trying to protect me. Our dads were so close. Jojo's dad was my fathers beta.



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