what happened when i fell for kyle

Trinitie is a 14 year old girl who falls for a 16 year old boy named kyle, they had a 5 month romance and then trinitie found out who he really was.

*based on a true story*


1. meeting kyle

     trinities POV 

i have been in love with kyle since i was in grade 8, when i went to go and visit the high school i was going to. the first class me and my friends visited was a food class. i rememer him standing at the stove to kitchen number 1 cooking some weird contraption. i wanted so badly to know what his name was... maybe next year i thought to myself as i paid attention to what the teacher was telling to do.  we went on and made the perfect smoothies. and then i heard the teacher calling his name, "kyle?" his name even sounded hot! after i got home that night, i decided to find him on facebook, but i didnt want to add him just incase he thought that i was a weirdo or something.  i remember staying up all night for 3 months trying to figure out who he was and if he would ever go for somebody as young as me. and then the gr.8 orentation trip back to the high school came, which only meant that school would be starting soon.

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