Oh hello there, I'm louise.
Louise Farrington.
And I would call myself a geek.
Well I would not. But you would. And they would.

Oh hello there, I'm louise
Louise Farrington
And I would call myself a internet sensation
Well I would. Internet helps me escape real life. Helps me escape the real me.

When the geek at school becomes an internet sensation, will the real girl, be true to who she is.


4. The Big Test

The Big Test is coming up.

We have it every year, Well the top maths group do, and as you would guess I'm in it. As well as some over kids.

I've studied all week, so I think I will pass, its tomorrow, and to be honest I hate tests, you would think that me being who I am I would be looking forward for them and wouldn't have too study but I do!

I'm not that smart that I can remember every single thing I have ever learned.

So I better get a good night rest.



''Louise!!!'' Timothy runs up to me, he has only started last year but he is kind of obsessed with me, and its not in a cute way, its in the kind of way were you cringe for him when he talks to one of the popular kids.

''Tim, I told you to stop following me'' ''-First of all It's Timothy, and second why don't you like me'' He asks.

I just walk of not even bothering to answer a question I cant possibly answer, come on, that's like saying, why is the grass green why is the sea blue, Actually I know that one you see the sea isn't blue its clear but it reflects on the sky and it seems blue. Ah, facts I do love them.

'' Lou Lou, did you miss me, aren't you happy that I'm back'' Jimmy!

I thought Jimmy was ill, or I thought he had left.


''Cant get your words out, well let me see I'm hot your not so you should listen to people like me, so now what's your answer''


''Well that was the wrong answer'' He grabs my wrist and twists it till it burns, so much that tears start dripping down my cheek's.

''I missed you'' I quickly say.

''Good, but you said it a little late!''

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