Oh hello there, I'm louise.
Louise Farrington.
And I would call myself a geek.
Well I would not. But you would. And they would.

Oh hello there, I'm louise
Louise Farrington
And I would call myself a internet sensation
Well I would. Internet helps me escape real life. Helps me escape the real me.

When the geek at school becomes an internet sensation, will the real girl, be true to who she is.


5. She knows, will she tell him..

Run, run..

My heart is racing like its in the Olympics or something.

Jimmy just walks of with some other people and puts his arm around this girl who is like, 14? and were like 16!

Seriously that Jimmy has got to get some sense knocked into him otherwise he isn't going to make much of his life.


Authors note

Hi sorry if this chapter is only a couple lines long, its that I'm trying to write a little bit on each movella, and I usually go on the app, but last week it woudnt let me come on here but now it has.. so I wil try and improve my chapters, I wont be on next week or the week after because of sats and a trip with school, add me on instagram xcookiecrumblex

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