Oh hello there, I'm louise.
Louise Farrington.
And I would call myself a geek.
Well I would not. But you would. And they would.

Oh hello there, I'm louise
Louise Farrington
And I would call myself a internet sensation
Well I would. Internet helps me escape real life. Helps me escape the real me.

When the geek at school becomes an internet sensation, will the real girl, be true to who she is.


2. Bog Off 'geek'

''Bog Off Geek''

''Your not wanted here''

''Aww have you outsmarted a teacher'' All those comments run round my head, racing too the top, then they will burst and I will be gone.

But That wont hurt me as Its nearly time to go home.


Ah home sweet home.

Lets post a little comment on my new Movella, WOWWAH 18694 views, It's at the top.

Yes I am a Internet sensation.

That word never stops making me happy. Sensation. At school that word wouldn't be used by me so getting called it is such a honour.

I love this life. In a film I would be rich and famous. And every single person who has said a mean comment or gesture to me would know what its like to be a



That word still haunts me to this very day.

But being like that, well, I wouldn't take being a smartass away form me.

I would keep all those facts in my left pocket!

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