Oh hello there, I'm louise.
Louise Farrington.
And I would call myself a geek.
Well I would not. But you would. And they would.

Oh hello there, I'm louise
Louise Farrington
And I would call myself a internet sensation
Well I would. Internet helps me escape real life. Helps me escape the real me.

When the geek at school becomes an internet sensation, will the real girl, be true to who she is.


1. Oh...hello


I'm Louise

Louise Farrington.

Call me what you like Lou, Lou Lou I don't care. But if you know me you will know my true name


Yes, I'm one of those people, the girl who sits at the back of class feeling left out, the girl who always has her hand up, the girl who is the teachers pet, I wish people would be grateful for that, I am quite smart, but I don't go saying it to peoples face, I just use it when it will come in handy.

I'm not the girl who's perfect, as those people aren't like me, I'm different, I know that, they let me know that everyday, 24-7.

People think I'm weird because I know that.. When you sneeze everything in your body stops including your heart, that I know what DNA stands for.

But that's real life.

I wish I could switch lives with Louise Farrington.

The Louise who is popular.

The Louise who people look up too.

As at home I switch my laptop on and then I turn into Louise, the girl who I am prod of, the girl you want too be, as that is the me, who I like being me, Oh.. I forgot too say I am an internet sensation. and this is me being


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