Stepping into adulthood


1. Stepping into adulthood

I’m a grown-up now

and I can do what I want

one day I woke up

and there I was

someone who is defined as an adult

I can drive a car now

whenever I want

and even head off wherever I want

I can do whatever I  thought

that earlier I had wanted

I could go for a drink

or clubbing with my friends

and then even regret

whatever would have happen next

but I’m not really like that

I never was and maybe never will

I’m too responsible

for my age at least

and that is my curse

I’m the one who‘ll sit and worry

about what kind of future

will I have

I mainly worry about the exams that are near

then the admission for collage begins

will I get in?

and what if I’m not

what I used to think

not good enough

for them to notice me

so what if I’m not

impossible is nothing

and in the end

I will achieve

what I wanted all the way here


I don’t know where I’m gonna end up

I don’t know what I’m gonna do

but I want to be happy

as much as you do.

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