Personal Letters

I walked into the room only to see two boys staring at me in utterly confusion. He looked as if he didn't want to see me. Dreading emotions came to a stop and all the feelings raised to my heart, letting it beat freely and quickly. Hi my name is Jannet WIlliams. I'm 17 years old and a junior in Summerholt High School. I'm kind of in a situation right now with a guy who hates me. Help me.


4. Old time's sake

My best friends were coming to visit. These are my friends from my old town.

This is Jenny and me.

This is Diane and me.

This is Gabe and me.

This is Chris. We didn't take a picture together because before I was going to unexpectedly move I met him but we are really good friends.

I hope they don't think that I have changed because I am in a big town. But they are my bestfriends. They know about my family problems.My friends are not rich and flashy like I am now so what will they think about my crush?

and some other news. Shane is visiting me too. He texted me a picture of me and him  long time ago.

I was so disturbed of what he sent me. But there was nothing wrong with it. He just broke up with me because of my stupid problems. I mean he wouldn't have broken up with me if I told him earlier and tell him face to face. So basically it is my fault but the whole time I was blaming it on him.

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