Personal Letters

I walked into the room only to see two boys staring at me in utterly confusion. He looked as if he didn't want to see me. Dreading emotions came to a stop and all the feelings raised to my heart, letting it beat freely and quickly. Hi my name is Jannet WIlliams. I'm 17 years old and a junior in Summerholt High School. I'm kind of in a situation right now with a guy who hates me. Help me.


3. Old photos

I was looking through old photos with the family. They were so old we all look happy. I don't remember the last time but we all look young in these pictures.

It is just so sad to see our beautiful mother in jail. I just can't even think about it. Why couldn't the family be like this everyday. Living in dad's big home. Going to Summerholt High school and being friends with everyone. But no. I have to be introduced to dad's house now. I have to be he new girl in Summerholt High school. Then I forgot. That cute guy I was majorly in love with hates me. I immediately  started crying. Mom doesn't even look like a crazy person in the pictures. She looks like a normal housewife  She doesn't look like a drug addict hiding from police for many years. By looking at these pictures it looks like our parents actually love us. I know they love us but why does my life have to look like this. Am I unlucky? Does god just not like me? Then I realized when I first get into school everybody might think I am rich snotty girl trying to act shy for attention. This world is really messed up. Or is it my life messed up only? I mean I am not the only teen with a family like this. But I am really happy for Eric. Now that we are living with Dad he can pay for Eric's college. I love Eric. With a mom always hiding and a dad in a another home regretting falling in love with mom. He actually was the one on my side. I would tell him everything. He knows all my secrets and he wouldn't laugh at any of them. Look at me and Eric now.

That picture of me and Eric was not that long ago. We went to a barbeque and took this picture. We are the best of friends. I found an old pic of me and my ex his name was Shane. He was a gentlemen. But somehow he found out about my family and broke up with me. This was us.

My brother took that picture. When I was with Shane I would stop spending time with Eric. It was like Eric was jealous. Until Eric told me he told Shane about the family so he could break up with me. I got really mad. But I love Eric he is my big brother . So I forgave him. Dad bought Eric and I smart phones..they were pretty cool. My phone beeped and it was a facebook newsfeed. I looked at it. It was the most beautiful picture of Justin. I can't believe he accepted my friend request but I checked out the photo. It was this.

I thought if I posted a picture of my self he would notice it. So I posted this photo.

It wasn't the best photo. But I hope he noticed it. I am not that pretty actually. Well people think I am pretty. But I just don't see my self pretty. I mean look at me. Most girls take photos with 5 pounds of makeup on. My phone beeped it said "Justin Biber liked Emily Lockington's photo." I wanted to see what it was so I pressed on it. It was this.

I knew she was prettier than me. She was gorgeous. I can tell Justin had a crush on her. My phone beeped. The newsfeed said "Justin Bieber updated his relationship status to taken." Another newsfeed showed up "Everybody I am dating Emily Lockington and we are hanging out!" Justin and Emily Lockington now. Wow! That really broke my heart. Another newsfeed showed up. It was a photo of Justin and Emily together.

They look so happy together. This is just hurting me. That should be me with him. Not her.

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