Personal Letters

I walked into the room only to see two boys staring at me in utterly confusion. He looked as if he didn't want to see me. Dreading emotions came to a stop and all the feelings raised to my heart, letting it beat freely and quickly. Hi my name is Jannet WIlliams. I'm 17 years old and a junior in Summerholt High School. I'm kind of in a situation right now with a guy who hates me. Help me.


1. Moving

        I skip down the stairs, noticing my Mum running around like a maniac. As Mum runs by me, I stop her tracks. "What's happening Mum?"

       "Sweetie just get ready. Fill your suitcase, all of your stuff."

       "Mum what's hap-" I stopped when Mum ran away to the kitchen. I then walked upstairs, knocking on my brother's room. "Who is it!" He yells without opening the door. 

      "It's me." I say sweetly behind the locked door. 

      "I'm packing." He muffled.

      "Oh. Do you know what's happening?"

     "We're moving." There it was. My eyes widened. My feet dragged itself back to my room. Those words replayed back in my head, over and over again. 'We're moving. Moving. Moving.' I got frustrated and threw my pillow at the window. I didn't notice I was crying until I tasted salt water against my pursed lips. My mom finally got caught.


Back then, my mum was one of those teenagers that would party at late nights and do drugs at age 15. But this was big. When she was 16 she was pregnant and had my brother. There was no support for her and she knew it would cost a lot. Her parents left her because they were disappointed. The guy she was with left her because he didn't care at all and he didn't want to be involved with a young, pregnant, drug addict. She had no choice. But it seemed like it was normal to her except she was selling it not buying it. She sold drugs. She needed my brother to have a suitable home. Then, she met dad. She stopped selling drugs after that because dad was rich..but the cops were still looking.  Dad was madly in love with her beauty. But mum only married him because of his money. She was one gold digger! Then mom got pregnant and had me. Mum was actually falling in love with Dad until he found out that it was only for the money. She tried to explain. He misunderstood everything. She got frustrated and hit him with something hard. My memories are getting vague and I cannot remember. But the view was scary and they both had different reasons to divorce.

    -I packed my bags and I slowly land it on the tile floor.

   - "Mum!...can you please explain this rushing!"

   - "Sweetheart there is no time to explain and you won't understand." she said while brushing my blond hair behind my ear.

   - "I am 17 years old! Eric is 19 years old! and both of us are old enough to understand!"

  - "Now tell me have you been caught or Are you still running from the cops?"

  I knew the answer I just wanted to see if she would lie.

  - "To be honest sweetheart....I have been caught."

My brother runs down the stairs and asks "Are we leaving yet?"

  - Mom says " Yes and before you leave give your mother a hug."

My brother was eager to leave because he never really spent "quality time" with dad.

But whatever it was Mum was always his best friend.  I love Mum too but sometimes I can't stand her because of the decisions she makes.

   - "I love all of guys and I will miss you." Mum said in a light voice while kissing us on the forehead.

 I wasn't crying because this was something she had  to get taken away for. Over my Mum's shoulder I saw a navy blue sports car through my transparent window. It was my Dad. On the other shoulder my brothers eyes were closed and he was crying a little until his head went up and his big brown eyes widened. My Mum lets go of us because she knew we stopped paying attention to our hug.

     - "Thats your dad. Go put your stuff in his trunk give him a hug and don't bother him. He is a very busy man." Mum said while wiping tears.

I picked up my purple bag and my blue suitcase and I walked right through my small green door. My brother and I were holding hands because we really didn't know how are dad was going to be like to us after a long time. He was always at work and he would never really spend time with us. He got out of the car wearing a suit and tie.

    -He said "Hi kids. Uhm I know you haven't seen me in a long time. But now its time for me to be the parent and I don't want you feeling like a guest..I want you feeling like you are at home."

He took my brother and I's bags and kissed us on the foreheads. I don't remember last time he kissed us like that. But it felt like I was actually going to feel like I was his daughter. Well I am but a daughter that was with him all his life. We hopped into the car. I put the seat belt around my small body and I looked out the window. My eyes were about to close and I fell into deep sleep. When we arrived Eric woke me up and I spotted my self on his lap. I look out the window waiting for Dad to open the car door for me and I see a big mansion. There were 4 garage doors and 5 cars pulled up in the driveway. Dad opened the door and he smiled. I was walking very slowly so I can take a quick look around but as soon as I knew it I was already at the front door. My dad rang the doorbell while holding our heavy bags.

   - "Don't you have keys?" Eric asked while I lightly punched him on the elbow.

   - " I do have keys but my-" before he finished the word a man opened the door.

  - "Who is tha-?" before Eric could finish his sentence I gave him a "shut up" look.

But Dad knew what he was talking about so he answered.

  - "Oh that is my butler and now he is your butler too." he said smiling while looking at the butler.

I guess that "look" at the butler meant "Go take their bags to their room."

I walked into my room. It was HUGE. I didn't notice dad was behind me until he asked "Is it too small?"

  - "No its just fine." I gave him a smile.

The room looked like this:

My dad left to talk to Eric but then he came back.

   - I am having dinner with my colleagues so they can meet you and Eric so do you mind if you wear this to the dinner tonight:

My eyes widened it was beautiful. I love the color red. I never really wore a dress and heels but I will try them on. 

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